The Momental Design process begins best with some



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Please provide some details about your day (color choices, special themes, any design ideas, etc.). Feel free to elaborate, the more info the better!



Were there any designs in my online portfolio that you especially enjoyed? When answering, keep in mind that artwork choice or paper and ribbon color can be changed.



Are there any invitation details that you DON’T especially enjoy?

These are some additional questions to give me insight into the personality and environment surrounding your day. Feel free to answer any questions you feel appropriate:


What is the setting of your wedding (location, reception site, etc.)?

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What color attendants’ dresses have you chosen?


What types of flowers would you like to include in your bouquet?


What are you famous for amongst your group of friends (nickname, favorite activity, etc.)?


What interests or hobbies do you share with your fiancé?

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Something magical happens when we hear your voice, when the ideas begin to flow and our first design chat is underway.  We’re not just talking about art, pretty flowers or the most luxurious papers and printing.  No, we’re uncovering a story…your story, one that is destined to be told through the eyes of a fine artist; one who is passionate about envisioning the best way imaginable to communicate your love story.

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