Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice





While on vacation or any experience outside of the studio my husband always asks “why must you be painting and drawing all the time, just take a break!”    The truth is painting and sketching is how I experience my world.  Much like taking a hike or tasting new food, painting for me is a way to interact and experience.

During the last Engage event in Grand Cayman I began to sketch.  Being entirely inspired by all the fab shoes, styles and personalities I needed a way to record the experiences on paper.  My sketches become a way to not only capture images but the emotion and personality of  each speaker.

Pictured here; Rebecca and Kathryn and a detail from the lovely floral arrangements in our session room!

The attire at Engage this time around exemplified clean lines and neutral colors which provided lovely contrast to the poppy and cement decor palette of the event; not to mention the dazzling reds present throughout the Encore Casino (more on that later).

Photos 2 and 3 via Garret Nudd Photography, check out his recap here.

Pictured here: Simon and Marcy with detail sketches of the so fun accessories worn by the ladies at registration!

Daniela from Bella Events created these lovely corsages for all attendees to sport during the first evening’s cocktail party held at the jaw-dropping Encore Spa.

There are more sketches to come…  Todd-Avery Lenehan was one of my favorites to capture in sketch – his personality really popped on paper and in person!

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  1. Rebecca

    Oh Kristy these are SO FUN!! {Although you were quite ‘kind’ to me with your sketch LOL!}. Love this unique point-of-view. Your talent simply blows me away…our industry is so very lucky to have you in it. Cheers!

  2. julianne smith

    i can’t stop looking at these sketches….you are so incredibly talented! i’m so thankful that i got to meet you and see your work in person. it is amazing! thanks for sharing! p.s. i really like how your notes from the conference are on the sides of the sketches 🙂

  3. Christy

    Love these Kristy! So fabulous! I wish my own notes could capture so much personality and atmosphere.

  4. Michelle - MB Wedding Design and Events

    While I only got to meet you in brief on the last day of Engage I think your work is simply stunning and these sketches are fabulous. You are beyond talented and I am simply in aww of these sketches you created above of your experience at Engage, what a great way to view things.

  5. Stephanie Grimm (Couture Parties)

    So this is what you were doing over there in the front row!! AMAZING talent!

  6. kristy

    I am truly floored by all your kind words! Engage is a powerful event just pulsing with energy and talent – needless to say, I had some awesome subject matter!

  7. Liene Stevens

    I LOVE these! You are ridiculously talented.