Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Today I am wrapping up a week of wedding invitation inspiration for the beachcomber in all of us. First up was Erin’s Adirondack chair scene and next I shared two of my personal favorites! On the painting table this week is Lisa’s punchy sea turtle creation. An oversized format, stunning blue paper selections and a meticulously hand painted palm tree all scream drama. The Momental Girls painted for hours to create this lavish layered look.

Sea Turtle cutout style artwork was finished with a watercolor texture backdrop. Sweet little bubbles add a touch of whimsy!  Paper selection was key in this design and Lisa let us run with some of our favorites. Rich cobalt blue, aqua shimmer and matte sandy tans provide a sophisticated balance of finishes and textures…

Thanks to the Bride Lisa for letting our creative minds explore some of our dream design ideas!


  1. Nicole

    Love the invitations — the blue sea turtles are so cute!

  2. Janet

    I just received one of Lisa’s invitations in the mail and they are truly one of a kind. Kudos to both the designers and Lisa for being so creative.

  3. Lisa (BRIDE!)

    Thank you Kristy and the Momental Team- I LOVE my invites!

  4. kristy

    Thanks everyone for the sweet comments…an extra big thanks to Lisa, so SO beyond thrilled to hear you are so pleased!

  5. Buzz (Father of the Bride)

    The invitations are truly amazing and are world class. I am so pleased that Lisa decided to work with your creative team. What a great way to “kick off” the wedding activities.

  6. DIY Wedding Invitations

    Oh wow! I love it! So cute 😀