Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Our Signature Lacy Tree Invitations have a distinctive charm, a certain swagger; they paint a scene of lazy afternoons or breezes rustling through the branches.  Watercolor seems the perfect medium to bring these mini landscapes to life and a touch of whimiscal lacy pattern keeps the look from becoming entirely too serious.  Rebecca’s version of quite possibly my favorite Momental Collection features a live oak and her lovely church in the background.

Typically the Vintage Lacy Pattern stands alone but for Rebecca we added a wash of earthy but sheer green…

So in love with this suite.  The watercolor map adds just the right touch of playfulness.

Ahh, our Lacy pattern.  It never ceases to inspire me.

Thanks so much to Rebecca for inspiring this incredible interpretation of one of our most beloved collections!



  1. Wincilla

    Charming! I love the fairy tale feel! I’m especially love that you were able to connect with the bride and add a personal note to her special day.

  2. Bridalinlove Bridesmaid

    Truly these invitations are work of art. Perfect details. Love it

  3. Jessica

    Beautiful stationary!


  4. Karen @ Wholesale Flowers Co

    awwweee, these are so romantic and so well-elaborated! I love them!

  5. Unique Wedding Invitations

    Beautiful invitations that are just are enchanting. These will definitely create a truly memorable keepsake!