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by Kristy Rice

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Mexico Destination Wedding Invitation

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We love a great destination wedding invitation, no matter what the location, but this invite to the Riviera Maya in Mexico really won us over with its elegant, but casual, beachy flair.

Samantha had a clear vision of how the stationery should be presented, and the result was an amazingly custom suite that’s still lively and fun.

The custom-made box was lined with a our stunning Mexican tile pattern. Inside, a burlap-textured folio enclosed all the pieces, for a next-level presentation. The same stand-out pattern lines the inside of the folio.

With such a strong pattern, not much else is needed in the design. So, we went subtle for the rest of the artwork.

Every piece in the suite was hand-painted with super-soft watercolor brushstrokes, in shades of light blue and green. It’s a perfect balance to the pattered background, plus every individual card is unique!

A few watercolor illustrations decorate the timeline, for some fun flair, and glimpse of the festivities planned. We also got to feature custom calligraphy, and letterpress printing, which are always great additions to any invitation.

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