Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice




Here at the Momental Studio we are all about experimentation, trying something new and just diving into projects to see where they take us!  A while back the lovely Saakshi contacted us.  She loved our lush style, patterns and sense of color.  She wasn’t exactly sure what that meant in terms of a design for her wedding but was open to our advice and vision.  We began with our classic rose illustrations combined with our newest lacy leaves pattern inside.  Washes of pink watercolor against champagne cardstock and touches of bold painted flourishes throughout were a design element present from the very beginning.  Unsure of exact palettes, Saakshi requested a variety of paper choices to consider ranging from moody black to vibrant fuchsia.

Saakshi requested an increasingly bold use of color and a very obvious hand painted look for her invitations, which made us even more excited to see her design unfold.  The final choice was a letterpress invitation painted with heavy, juicy strokes of magenta and red ink.

Envelopments® brown and navy paisley cardstock paired beautifully with Jess’s painstakingly painted roses.  I just love the character of each stroke – so graceful yet lively.

After the letterpress was complete we went right to work adding gold hand painting to the Genesha, pink watercolor washes to each rose, magenta painted petals amongst the lacy leaves pattern and gold rose steams and leaves.  This collection is by far our most heavily painted wedding invitation to date and we loved every minute!

Saakshi included a fun Mehndi invitation with her wedding invite collection.  The gold and paisley borders visually tied to the wedding invitation but the green vintage lace pattern with cobalt painted flowers gave this piece a personality all its own.

Thank you Saakshi for trusting our vision and having such a brave sense of color and style.  We loved working with you!


  1. Mrs. N

    What a stunning collection! So many unexpected elements, yet they all work so well together and coordinate to create thoughtfully designed collection. Great work girls!

  2. Phyllis Cheung

    Gorgeous as always!

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  4. Natalie Cutino

    This invitation is definitely one of my favorites (it’s hard to pick just one favorite from all your beautiful work!) LOVE love love!!!