Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

‘Tis the Season to get crafty!  So, several weeks ago I rounded up the Momental Girls and gave each a thick piece of creamy natural stock with their names printed in my newest font obsession, Roadkill.  Hanging stockings at the studio had never been so artful until then!  My only direction was for them to make the card scream their personalities in paint, paper and embellishment.  So here is a look at each Momental Girls’ stockin – which is your favorite?  Mine?  Jessica’s paper cut and painted tree, but then Jess’s sketchy swirls are cute and Kelley’s sweet painted floral motif is so romantic…let’s face it…I can’t pick a favorite!

Steph is our amazing Pre-Production Manager and star of our blog series, A Momental Girl Get’s Married!  Her watercolor brustrokes in aqua and lavender suit her sweet and bubbly personality perfectly!

Jess, our amazing Studio Manager created an edgy stocking art motif with half and quarted circles painted in bold red and filled with pencil sketch crosshatching…so her!!

Jill, our newest Momental Girl chose a bold palette and free hand painted polka dots – so fun!

Joy, our lead Invitation Artist went simple with her favorite colors aqua and red…how about those colored pearls!

Steph’s favorite color is purple and how I love her choice and bold painted spikes in the same shade!

Jessica is new to Momental but as you can see from her expert craftsmanship; her skills are just what we need!  Love the painted tree!

Kelley, our Managing Assistant has a sweet, classic and romatic style.  We all know she is a pleasure to chat with and manages this studio like nobody’s business but did you know she can paint too?!?!?

Thanks so much for taking a moment to check in with us.  We wish you all a colorful, restful and of course, artful Holiday!


  1. Rachel - theWeddingVine

    Great individual name tags! Beautiful designs!

  2. Lorri

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Happy Holidays to the Gals at Momental Designs!!!

  3. Wedding Video Perth

    Great i love it Thank you for sharing such beautiful designs.

  4. barbarasbrides

    @RiceInk Wow, thanks for sharing your office holiday cheer. So much talent under one roof. They are beautiful stockings.

    • RiceInk

      @barbarasbrides Thanks Barbara, I am so lucky to have such talented artists working with me!

  5. prettypenstudio

    @RiceInk love the painted stockings!! wow!