Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Over the weekend the hubby and I relaxed, hung out with friends and just did….whatever.  Friday night as I crawled into bed at like…gulp, 3 am, he says to me “one of your girls got engaged today”.  Well you can imagine my shock and the sheer suspense as I rattled off a bunch of names trying to figure out just which Momental Girl’s guy popped the question.  Drum roll….

My super talented and all around go-to-gal-creative-assistant Jess is ENGAGED!!!  Brad popped the question on her birthday this past Friday by dangling the ring from a new piece of pottery from one of Jess’s favorite local potters.  The ring is a work of art and so befitting this spunky gal.  Check out Specimental on Etsy.  They craft rough hewn, raw diamond masterpieces.

So as you can imagine, I will be sharing Jess and Brad’s story as their planning unfolds.  For now though, hugs to my girl Jess.  So, SO incredibly excited for you! XOXO


  1. Joy

    Don’t know where or when…but can not wait for this wedding! So excited for our Jessie =D

  2. Danielle | dpnak

    Woooooooo. Love Jess and the ring. Huge congrats!

  3. Karen @ Wholesale Flowers Co

    Lovely ring…hope to see the pics soon. Congrats!

  4. kristy

    There has been a lot of wedding talk at the studio…no concrete plans yet BUT I can tell you this wedding will be fabulously shocking and chic!!