Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice



What a better reason to host a giveaway, than in celebration, right?  As you might know it has been a fabulous two weeks here at The Momental Studio.  We are feeling quite blessed and would like to share the love!  I have put together a basket full of Momental favorites for the winner of this giveaway to be announced next Tuesday, January 19th at 12pm est!

So, you might be wondering, what is a Momental Favorite? The giveaway basket includes a few items I love to surround myself everyday with for one reason or another.  The Southern Weddings magazine is an example of true art in publishing and every page is more beautiful than the previous.  After requesting Paloma’s Nest Paper Mache hearts for a recent photo shoot, I  simply could not return them, as I smile each time I look!   Danielle and Company pure oats glycerin soap and pure vanilla lip balm are basic staples for pure comfort – love her stuff!  Moleskine journals and Shaprie black pens are my artistic staples.  I purchase the Sharpies in bulk for sketching and always carry a Moleskine journal with me to capture sudden ideas or an unexpected need to sketch!  Next up is something I am pretty sure I cannot live without – music!  So, to the winner, you will also enjoy a $15.00 Itunes giftcard!  Last but not least is a little suprise directly from the studio, created just for you!

So here is what you need to do to win! Take a moment to comment on this post and tell me what item, blog, magazine etc.  you cannot live without in wedding planning!

Remember, the winner will be chosen at random and announced next Tuesday, January 19th at 12pm est!

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  1. memekode

    I do not follow as a Wedding Planner but as a Graphic Designer that uses your post as inspiration for color and whimsical design. To Follow your instructions on the contest, I would say that the Moleskin is a must for me. Sketching ideas and capturing images that come to me at any given moment is crucial. Thank you for your posts, keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Sarah

    I could never do wedding planning without weddingbee.com. The bloggers are inspiring (and usually hilarious) and I love the fact that the blog has a heavy emphasis on visuals- it makes designing inspiration boards so much easier! The board community there is very supportive and friendly as well.
    The final reason I can’t live without weddingbee.com? Because it’s how I found some of my great vendors, Momental Designs among them!!

  3. gabrielle dailey

    I could NOT make it through my wedding planning without the Wedding By Color blog for brides! I have received so much inspiration, encouragement and laughs on this website. I recommend this site to every bride, especiall those who are on a budget. The brides on the site are so helpful, allowing you to vent, post non-wedding related information and give sincere support and constructive criticism. Oh, did I mention it is addictive? Even after brides get married they still come to the site to give support and continue to post wedding related information!

  4. Rachel

    My wedding is in July and I am currently in the midst of planning. In those all-too-frequent times of feeling overhwlemed by the volume of decisions to be made, I seek creative inspiration. I always seem to make my way back to thebridescafe.com. Janie always posts the most beautiful weddings and DIY projects. I’m learning that her site is crucial to my wedding planning!

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  6. The Broke-Ass Bride

    I couldn’t live without all the inspiration here! 🙂 But, also I loved my accordion file to put contracts and magazine tearsheet inspiration and brochures into. It kept me organized, and that’s a tall order!

  7. April

    WOWZA!! I feel like you just snuck a peak at my desk… I was just flipping through Southern Weddings! And, my fantastic Paloma’s Nest egg says “dedication” which is a key for me. Lately, my “must have” for the wedding planning process for me is my neighborhood antique mall. You would be amazed at how wandering through aisles of old “stuff” gets my ming racing. An old vintage cream can can quickly become an fun centerpiece idea. Stunning, classic chandeliers find new life rewired and hung in trees. No matter how edgy, funky, traditional or unique my bride, I always find something, small or large that really gets the wheels turning. It isn’t at all uncommon to find a piece that has a very specific purpose, but with a little inspiration becomes a tiny detail in a PERFECT event!~
    Keep the happy thoughts coming Kristy! So excited to keep reading….

  8. Sharon

    I cannot live without Twitter! So many wedding/lifestyle bloggers with links to great advice — and SO MANY PHOTOS! Wee, inspiration 🙂

  9. Amy

    I cannot live without the inspiration of the weddings posted on http://www.stylemepretty.com during my wedding planning! They are all stunning and creative in their own ways. Love the blog!

  10. kristy

    Thanks everyone for your entries so far! It is so exciting to hear everyone’s “can’t live without” inspirations!

  11. LaVonda

    There are so many blogs out there that I read faithfully everyday…My favorite would have to be “the knot” because you can talk to real brides on the community boards in your area. It’s helpful when brides are so honest about the experiences with different vendors. I’m getting married in June 2010 so all information is useful to me

  12. Meda

    I don’t do wedding planning although I work with brides a lot for their unique wedding invitations and one thing I can’t live without is my digital camera. I sometimes have so much ideas on a theme that I have to record them quickly using my camera and then go back and decide on the best. Also I am totally addicted to the internet. I spend at least 1 hour/day browsing and reading to fill my inspiration jar.

  13. Naazia

    i am obsessssed with wedding blogs. but one of my favorites: http://snippetandink.blogspot.com/

  14. Mandi Heilig

    I am alo not a “wedding planner” but work with brides and event planners to create invitations and calligraphy for weddings and events. I read many blogs for inspiration, but I would say that the one I appreciate receiving every day, besides this one of course:), is http://www.weddingchicks.com It has inspiration with colors, trends and ideas for the modern wedding.

  15. Leigh

    I am getting married May 29, 2010 and I definitely could not live without all of the DIY blogs and websites! My fiance and I are trying to have a stylish wedding but stay within a tight budget at the same time. To do this, I’ve been living on the DIY blogs and websites to learn new and beautifull DIY projects that I can do with my Mother and my future Mother-in-law for the rehearsal, wedding, and reception!!

    • kristy

      Have you checked out http://www.brokeassbride.com ?
      Dana’s blog has amazing DIY inspiration!

      Thanks for your entry!

  16. Natalie Cutino

    Our wedding was on Oct 18th of 2009, and I relied heavily on YOUR website and blogs for ideas and inspiration, as well as every wedding magazine I could get my hands on – especially Modern Bride. But most of all I could NOT have planned a thing without my super organized mother! She kept each and every piece of wedding related info perfectly organized in a huge three ring binder. So in short, during that time, I couldn’t have done it without YOU, amazing magazines and my fantastic Mama 🙂

  17. Kallie B

    I’m a wedding photographer and I find tons of inspiring photos on oncewed.com! Lots of fabulous photographers on there daily!

  18. pia utriainen

    hi there I stumbled across this beatiful webbpage when in search for inspiration for handmade invitations- im not thinking of getting married yeat- but playing with the thought of starting a business in this segment well aware of the difficulties but we dont have this kind of business in sweden so its on my mind right now,- and the way the handmade and artwork -your all so talanted!- is combined and the blogg it wuld be my one stopp inspiration for a wedding..
    much love pia utriainen

  19. Marcus

    My fiance is obsessed with planning our 2010 wedding, and she has graciously turned one task entirely up to me. The invitations…through my ongoing search for the perfect invite I have discovered that I am a bit of a paper and design snob. Daily I hit up Style Me Pretty, and Wedding Bee. Weekly I hit up Momental, Elizabeth Ann Designs, and the Crane Insider. I don’t what I’m looking for exactly, but I know that I haven’t found it yet! Being a dude, and using my work computer I try to research discretely but when I saw your giveaway I knew I had to enter. My fiance would love everything in your package, so here I am…entering on her behalf!

  20. Sandra

    I don’t think I could survive the whole wedding planning thing without: a. my ridiculously supportive and loving fiance; AND b. the fab Snippet and Ink blog! But there are so many wonderfully talented people out there whose blogging has inspired me throughout my planning process! Cheers!

  21. Katie

    The basket of favorites looks amazing! I personally could not live without weddingbee. It great to have a bunch of girls that want to talk about weddings! The photos and ideas help immensely in the planning process

  22. Chisa

    I’m planning my own wedding, and am already addicted to wedding blogs! In particular I’m loving ones with an emphasis on DIY elements and offbeat touches – especially Ruffled and Polkadot Bride. It’s so fantastically refreshing to have an alternative to the more traditional style shown in the magazines 😀 I also couldn’t live without Evernote for saving inspiring images and clips of advice from these blogs and the web in general.

  23. Clare

    West Aussie Wedding and Polka Dot Bride, because a bit of local inspiration mixed up with online finds suits me just fine.

  24. Brianne

    I love Martha Stewart’s Wedding site and magazine.

  25. Jennifer

    I love snippetandink.com. I have incorporated many of the ideas I found on the website into my upcoming wedding.

  26. Veronika

    I absolutely love Once Wed – by far my favorite wedding blog.

  27. Beth

    I was engaged over the holidays and have only just begun planning our wedding. With so many inspiring blogs and designs– weddingbee, snippet and ink, DIY bride, the list goes on and on– I simply could not live without google reader, which allows me to subscribe to all of the best sites to keep up with them daily. It’s like my own personal wedding assistant, flagging all of the amazing new ideas and posts in one place so I don’t miss any. 🙂

  28. Betsy

    I love Once Wed & Gray Loves Weddings!

  29. lisa!

    I couldn’t plan my wedding without all of the wonderful online resources: http://www.snippetandink.com, http://www.stylemepretty.com, http://www.oncewed.com, martha stewart weddings, etsy – I can go on and on. What did people do before people like you were able to post your ideas to the world?
    Thanks for hosting this cool giveaway!

  30. Caitlin Sullivan

    I can’t live without http://www.offbeatbride.com and the social networking site for it. It’s a super-supportive atmosphere with tons of kick-ass offbeat brides with great ideas and perspective. What’s great is that it is a no-judgement zone…a lot of women incorporate a ton of nontraditional aspects, some don’t, but it doesn’t matter because everyone is supportive. The creator/editor also has a book out with amazing information. I’m a huge fan 🙂

    Oh, and let’s not forget Etsy! Up to now, I have bought wedding bands, bouquets, cake topper and hair fascinator all from Etsy sellers.

  31. Lindsey

    2 things:

    I can’t live without my wedding planner/scrapbook that my sister in law made for me. She started making it before I was even engaged, and filled it with inspiration and tools to keep me organized. It makes me smile every time I open it.

    The wedding blog A Practical Wedding. The stories that Meg tells about strong women and their weddings helps me keep everything in perspective. A little does of sanity is needed during this process!

  32. Jaime

    I cannot live without weddingbee.com. I love hearing so many perspectives and being able to engage in conversations with brides from all over!

  33. Kate

    I too, cannot live without Sharpie pens!! I use them all day, every day and they’re my go-to pen. I keep a few stashed in my wedding planner so that when I’m interviewing caterers or florists, they’re always at the ready. They’re also helpful when sketching things in the planning process — be it sketching a picture of my dress for my future mother in law, or designing our centerpieces. Such a simple tool, but so useful for everything!

  34. Leanne

    I can’t live without Microsoft Excel when it comes to planning an event like this! It really keeps me organized. Blog-wise, I love soyoureengayed.com, diybride, and of course martha stewart.

  35. Hillary

    In addition to the many beautiful blogs out there, I am loving the fun of pulling inspiration straight from food magazines. I have a stack of Gourmet mags from last year and they have been wonderful for color ideas and decor.

  36. Emma

    Hello there, I’m writing even though we’re from thousands miles apart. I live in Italy and I love weddings to beats. I saw your giveaway and wanted to enter it so badly, you didn’t mention where we have to live afterall. Besides yours, I daily hit up http://www.marthastewart.com/ and http://www.oncewed.com for inspiration. I also follow http://wedding-planner-costa-azzurra.blogspot.com/ (located in the French – Italian Riviera).

  37. Lindsey

    My wedding is coming up in November and I have fallen in love with my Martha Stewart wedding planner–I never thought I’d be a girl with a wedding binder but here I am! I also love visiting the Southern Weddings website along with Classic Bride and Wedding Bee. I’m always on the lookout for inspiration so these items would help me get organized! Thanks for the great giveaway–

  38. Dorothy Mejia

    I can’t live without A Practical Wedding, 2000 Dollar Wedding and Weddingbee. All of these ladies are so inspiring with their ideas and keep me grounded as to whats really important in wedding planning.

  39. Emily L.

    It’s cheesy, but I couldn’t make it through my planning without my mother. I’ve got loads of “great ideas” that come to me around midnight. Since I am planning my wedding from a distance, it’s a good thing I send my ideas straight to my mom, rather than just jumping in an implementing them. If we went with every “great idea” I’ve had we would have: paper linens and crayons for everyone to draw with, my uncle singing a song that is totally out of his range and about Jesus (in a Jewish ceremony), and about three or four wedding dresses (because I keep wanting to buy more!). Thank you mom for keeping me sane.

  40. Holly

    I rotate through quite a few blogs daily for inspiration! My favorite would have to be snippetandink.blogspot.com! I also have a handheld wedding planner from http://www.go2wed.com that I carry with me everywhere! It is so handy to have everything in one place! Cant live without it!

  41. Katie Stoterau

    As a bridesmaid I’m always on the lookout for some inspiration to help my friend plan the wedding of her dreams & I cannot go a day without checking stylemepretty.com at least 3 times a day! They publish the most gorgeous things, many of which we are looking to replicate as a DIY project!

  42. Robin

    I absolutely love stylemepretty.com — I check it multiple times a day for inspiration and ideas. I also love the forum section where I can interact with other brides who love the website — they all have such great ideas and great advice.

  43. dirtndiamondes

    I love to spend time on the internet so I have lots of sites I love to visit. http://www.weddingwire.com seems to have the best tools but my favorite inspiration probably comes from http://www.stylemepretty.com. It has completely inspired my rustic elegance theme. 🙂

  44. Kelly B

    I absolutely could not live without GoogleDocs. It is THE best way for my fiance and I to keep everything organized, in one place, and accessible to either one of us at any time. I love that it tracks our changes for us and allows us to invite other people to share our documents–helpful for sharing the guest list with the ‘rents.

  45. Maria

    Kathryn at Snippet and ink has been so helpful in the planning process. I decided not to hire a professional, but feel I never needed one because I have her daily blog. I also love how she makes it so easy to find new sites and vendors that would possibly be difficult to discover alone!

  46. Brooke

    I have been really grateful for the local community board on theknot.com. The girls there have recommended most of my vendors and given me plenty of advice and support.

  47. Emily

    I am addicted to wedding blogs and there are so many wonderful ones! But I truly love http://snippetandink.blogspot.com/

  48. dymphna

    i could not live without my blog as a place to organize and put all my favorite finds and thoughts

  49. Stephanie

    I could not live without my excel spreadsheets. I have spent countless hours tweaking the budget, making schedules, lists, comparing vendors, and more.

  50. Karrie

    I would have to say I am also really grateful for my local community board on theknot. The girls have been really helpful and supportive. There have been all sorts of creative ideas and lessons learned.

  51. Lauren

    I don’t know how to choose just one! I’m a RSS junkie… But I’d have to go along with popular vote and say stylemepretty 🙂 And Excel!!

  52. Harmony S.

    Snippet and Ink’s blog has been key to my inspiration in wedding planning. The brilliant themes and inspiration boards, and links to exquisite sites like yours have been so helpful for helping me to design something both beautiful and budget-friendly.

  53. Christina

    Martha Stewart Weddings! Love. So much pretty! So much DIY! It’s my wedding central.

  54. Jenny

    I never thought I would be one of “those girls,” but I could not do my wedding planning without Martha! Martha Stewart Weddings website is bookmarked on my toolbar just in case I forget how wonderful she is and don’t visit it 2341285x a day.

  55. jenn

    i truly enjoy weddingbee. it’s like 10 gazillion wedding blogs in one!

  56. Elaine

    I would say I have 2 favorites:
    1 – weddingbee.com – a wealth of ideas and info & the galleries are amazing
    1 – Martha Stewart Weddings magazine – needs no explanation!

  57. Lauren

    I absolutely love stylemepretty, and I of course am totally addicted to Martha Stewart Weddings! I am a very visual person and love all the eyecandy that wedding blogs provide, it really inspires my everyday life. I can’t remember what is was like before all these great blogs became my go to for inspiration, I just hope that this form of communication between strangers remains for a long time.

  58. Sara

    I love the photos and ideas in Martha Stewart Weddings – both the magazine and blog!

  59. Courtney

    First off – thank you for this contest! It has given me more great ideas on sites/blogs to visit in helping with wedding planning. My #1 site is stylemepretty.com! I love this website! The weddings are always beautiful and the ideas fantastic, I also appreciate how the weddings are fashionable and fun but in an understated way, I can’t deal with over the top weddings and thankfully stylemepretty steers clear of those. It’s the best!

  60. Christina

    I follow so many blogs, but the one I absolutely can’t do without is Weddingbee! This site has given me so many ideas, DIY instructions, vendor suggestions, and advice.

  61. Meghan Brown

    Im planning a DIY wedding and I wouldnt be able to put it together without the beautiful ideas and inpsirations from various blogs such as Stylemepretty, oncewed, and greenweddingshoes!

  62. Sheena Miller

    From the little planning, day dreaming I’ve done so far…I can not live without my best friend, Kirby! Despite being in NY when I’m in MN, she’s been my supporter, best friend, organizer, etc. Girlfriends are the best!

  63. Carrie

    My wedding is in April and I have become completely obsessed with both the wedding blogs and the magazines. The Maryland edition of The Knot magazine has been a huge help with its vendor guide, local information, and other inspiration. As for the blogs…www.stylemepretty.com is my favorite. I love the real weddings on there and find myself checking the blog up to 10 times a day for updates!

  64. Christy

    I could NOT live without the creativity and inspiration that comes from Snippet and Ink! I decided on my color pallete thanks to one of their color boards. I now check it daily!

  65. Emily

    I can’t live without the blog A Practical Wedding! Meg’s writing, as well as guest posts by ‘wedding graduates,’ helps keep me grounded and focused on what’s most important in this whole process: that I’m marrying the man of my dreams!!

  66. maria

    i love a chocolate lover’s confessions!

  67. anat

    Can’t make it through the week without my daily dose of A Practical Wedding Blog – helps keep me sane. And My Wedding Workbook keeps things (mostly) organized.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Hazel

    I know I cannot live without wedding blogs. ALL of them have been so instrumental in my planning process–tips, encouragement, reality checks, and definitely inspiration. I haven’t spent money on one wedding magazine yet! But if I would have to pick just one blog or site, it would be weddingbee.com. I love the input from a white variety of brides, and the forums are really helpful. I get answers instantly on whatever I need.

  69. christy

    Martha Stewart Weddings or Style Me Pretty!

  70. Nicole

    There are so many wonderful wedding blogs it is hard to pick my favorite! I am planning a December wedding this year and I can find great ideas at Classic Bride Blog and snippet & ink. Of course many other blogs, but these two are my favorite. Thanks for all the help!

  71. Melissa S

    I cannot make my big day happen without Martha Stewart Weddings! I have changed my “theme” three times because of the inspiring photos, DIY instructions!

  72. Liv

    I’ve always loved the aesthetic of greenweddingshoes, although honestly I enjoy glancing at most of the wedding blogs (they are my guilty eye candy when I should be studying for my master’s). The one thing I couldn’t manage without as far as wedding planing goes, is my sister designer Lauryl Lane of LaurylLane.com. She’s incredible.

  73. monikarae

    Of course I agree with everyone who has listed Snippet & Ink as their favorite blog (Kathryn’s inspiration boards and colors are addicting). But give me the award for “cheesy”, because my answer’s name is Steve, and I’m marrying him in May.

  74. Theresa

    I don’t think I could have planned my wedding properly without etsy.com. I love hand-made, original style and accessories. 🙂

  75. Lauren

    I cannot live without my wedding gmail account. I created a separate account for wedding e-mails so all the spam from bridal shows goes there, I labeled everything by vendor, and I don’t have to deal with it if I don’t want to! Plus my other e-mails aren’t in the way so it is so much easier to find what I’m looking for.

  76. kristy

    I’ve so enjoyed hearing your “can’t live without” wedding planning tools! Keep it coming!

  77. Devon

    I would have to say that apracticalwedding.com has kept me pretty sane while trying to do this planning stuff. There are so many great blogs out there that have been so helpful. I think just knowing that there are other women out there who are a little stressed and very excited helps!

  78. Kristina

    My planner – Where I jot down everything from appointments to inspiring ideas.

  79. Sarah

    I gotta have all the blogs…but if I had to choose, I’d say Style Me Pretty (http://www.stylemepretty.com/) and Ruffled (http://ruffledblog.com/). Google docs also came in very handy when working with the parents and in-laws on the guest list, budget and every other detail of planning. Everyone could take a peek at the spreadsheets and see for themselves!

  80. Alexandra

    so cute!! i love this!!

    i obvious can NOT live without my wedding binder. it has everyyything i need in special categories and in sheet protectors. it has the colors that i’m using, the fonts i like, my budget, etc… when i’m going out shopping somewhere, i grab that and thats all i need! if i need to match something to my color, its there! and i love love snippet and ink! thanks for the opportunity, this gift basket is so fun!

  81. Tera

    I can’t live without the girls on the Offbeat Bride Tride, my excel budget spreedsheets, and all the DIY wedding websites. It’s hard to have a wedding with no money! No matter what, I feel like I’ve grown from the experience.

  82. Arielle

    I love http://www.snippetandink.com, as far as wedding blogs go. But really, I couldn’t do without a myriad of word documents and my moleskine, where I keep list upon list upon list.

  83. Deanne

    I have a list of blogs I review multiple times a day- I can’t live with out all of their wonderful ideas! My favorites being Stylemepretty.com & greenweddingshoes.com, oh and greylikesweddings.wordpress.com. So many great blogs to choose from! I also could not live without my massive 3 ring binder with colored tabs for each part of planning. Although the binder is almost too heavy to carry around, it is full of inspiration and ideas to make our wedding dreams come true. And lastly, I can’t live with out diet coke- I need some caffeine for all of this planning!

  84. Amy

    I follow the Style Me Pretty blog for wonderful inspiration and ideas for the perfect wedding! I love to see all the different DIY projects and themes…this has definitely helped my creativity for my own Big Day!

  85. JD

    I could not live without GoogleReader! I have so many wedding blogs that I love to read, and have discovered more and more as I go along. Google reader really saves me time!

  86. olivia

    i am a full time high school english teacher, so i don’t have a whole lot of free time to plan my wedding. my mother has been a LIFESAVER for me. i could not make it through my planning without my mother. without her nothing would come together.

  87. Rachel Hahn

    I absolutely could not live without my sister, both with regards to my wedding planning and life itself. She has been my number one go-to person for my wedding planning as she herself just got married a year and a half ago. She has great advice and great style, and in the end always lets me make the final decision. For major parts of my planning she has been there to hold my hand as I decide on a band (which I was a little anxious about as it is SO important to have a great band), and especially a photographer (great pics are important too). I’m so glad that I have her just a quick phone call away to help with all of my questions and with any problems I have along the way. I couldn’t do this without her!

  88. ilse

    What a fabulous giveaway full of fabulous items to surround yourself with! I love your must-haves and it is no wonder that I count this blog among my daily must-haves:) I too must surround myself with music; both classics that bring me back to certain times in my life, as well as new tunes that keep my mind (and ears) open! Additionally, I always have some sort of camera on me, whether it is a small digital camera or the cam on my iphone. I love to snap pictures or all sorts of things that inspire me. Colors, textures, cute fonts, cute dogs, pictures I see, favor ideas- anything. For me they are like little notes and reminders, and it’s such fun to have a visual library of things i like.

  89. Allie

    I couldn’t make it through wedding planning without the sane, sassy advice of Meg over at A Practical Wedding (http://www.apracticalwedding.com/) I love her!

    Also, fine tip sharpies. Many, many sharpies.

  90. christine crockett

    i am currently using the blog “a practical wedding” as a virtual life raft at the moment. i check this blog daily to reaffirm my position regarding my own personal vision of a wedding, and am cheered and buoyed up by the sentiments that meg shares with her readers.

    ps – i LOVE the work of paloma’s nest; i want to purchase one of her ring-bearer bowls for our ceremony 🙂

  91. Crystal

    I absolutely cannot live without both Modern Bride and Martha Stweart’s magazine! I am also in love with the blog Green Wedding Shoes!

  92. Tucker

    I am on the verge of overwhelm with all of the fantastic wedding blogs that I am finding since being engaged. I had no idea how big and wonderful a community y’all are! Some of my favorite finds & inspiration sites: http://www.stylemepretty.com, http://snippetandink.blogspot.com/, http://www.etsy.com, http://www.weddingbee.com/, http://www.onewed.com/, http://eco-beautifulweddings.com/blog/ …. gosh the list goes on. But, my absolute FAVORITE blog, which is sadly now complete, is http://tenthousandonly.blogspot.com . Some of the links are slightly outdated since it was started in 2007, but the pithy, open, and blunt writing style of the author and her struggle to stay on budget makes me feel like I’m not alone in trying to create a fantastic wedding that looks great, is entertaining, meaningful, vibrant, intimate, and at the same time inexpensive!

  93. missnaptown

    Hooray for A Practical Wedding! Meg keeps me grounded (although it’s always nice to be up in the clouds with Style me pretty!)

  94. Steph

    I love weddingbee as a blog to inspire me!

  95. Jessica C.

    I am wedding blog obsessed!! And I am downloading wedding songs like mad – since we are our own DJ. I def. could use that little gift card!

  96. Julia

    The things I couldn’t live without? Easy. Microsoft Publisher, Weddingbee.com, Etsy.com, and lots and lots of Martha Stewart Weddings magazines! Also, don’t discount your own imagination as a great source for wedding planning! 🙂

  97. Julie

    I don’t think I could live with out the book Bridal Bargains. Planning a wedding during a recession and on a budget has been hard. This book gives practical information about ways to cut corners. Also have received wonderful help from countless blogs and websites like (snippet and ink, project wedding) have really helped find creative DIYs and cost saving tips. Would love to win this giveaway!

  98. Thelma

    I am getting married very soon and I would have to say that I can’t live without Projectwedding.com.It is like a bridal Facebook.The girls are like family on there…always there with good advice to help you along the way with your wedding planning.

  99. Rachel Perry

    I could not live without StyleMePretty or 100layercake. They are both fantastic!

  100. NDchick1

    The one wedding planning tool I cannot live without is my Mama. She is so helpful and supportive. I can bounce ideas off of her and get her opinion when I ask for it.

    Good luck to all the other couples out there planning their weddings!

  101. KAR Wedding

    I absolutely swear by weddingbee.com. The blog feeds come directly to my inbox and they get me through the day and help me focus on the wedding planning. They have the best blogs for inspiration.

  102. Veronica P

    Hmmm, planning a Cleveland wedding with all the tradtitions of the Slovenian Community while living in the Netherlands and marrying a Serbian – A Practical wedding has been a lifesaver! Keeping things in perspective, encouraging me to keep my eyes on our values, introducing me to other blogs/sites (ESB and Snippet and ink among others). Definitely the best resource I have found!

  103. Shawna

    I love the http://www.thebrokeassbride.com/!

  104. Jane

    I could not do wedding planning without weddingbee.com. I love being able to read about so many different wedding planning experiences, and get inspiration from things brides have actually done!

  105. Ginger

    I would not know where to start without all of the wedding blogs out there! I love the DIY ideas that I would never think of myself! How did they do it without Internet!!!!

  106. JanineCollette

    I absolutely could not plan my wedding within without my fiance. 🙂 He’s the one ‘item’ I can’t do without. I feel it’s really important to infuse both of our personalities into our wedding, so his input is vital to my daily planning efforts for our May wedding. Some may gasp at our ‘devil dog’ wedding cake, or when we enter the reception hall to a heavy rock and roll song.. but truly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

  107. Kiersten

    I can’t live without the Wedding Plans community on LiveJournal!

  108. Kristen

    I am always looking for inspiration and can get lost as I just keep clicking on blogs and links to other blogs and before I know if I have 10 open tabs of blogs. I can’t live without http://snippetandink.blogspot.com/, my little Target Eco-friendly booklet with my purple ink pen to write down ideas and websites that I find things on, my white Staples binder that I take to work everday just in case I need to reference something. It amazes me how much my wedding has taken over.

  109. Melissa S

    Martha Stewart’s website has been such an inspiration! I love the ideas that help me to coordinate everything from start to finish – they really inspire me to tie everything together… and the how-to’s make it practical for me!

  110. Alex

    I don’t know how anyone lives without a moleskine…let alone plans something! But mine are sadly all full or missing…

  111. Danielle

    I’ve done all my budgeting on http://www.theknot.com and all my drooling over amazing weddings at http://www.stylemepretty.com and http://www.oncewed.com!! So many great wedding blogs and resources out there to save my sanity!

  112. Tracy

    I don’t know what I would do without the Snippet & Ink blog. It has been such a wonderful inspiration when planning my wedding!

    Thanks for being so generous with the giveaway basket… contests are always a nice bonus as you draw closer to your special day.

  113. Stacy Novotny

    I must say that I cannot and would not survive my wedding planning without my fiance! He always picks up the pieces after whatever little wedding meltdown I have! But other than him I find myself turning to martha stewart’s website and project wedding. They both are full of super creative and beautiful things that I cannot wait to have at my wedding.

  114. Jessica

    I could never live without my laptop, excel, and the wonderful Style Me Pretty blog.

  115. mismikado

    I could not live w/out my Google Reader to organize the hundreds of wedding blogs I’ve been following 🙂

  116. Stacy

    My addiction to etsy.com could possibly qualify me for an intervention. Love it and couldn’t wedding plan without it! I so appreciate that you had to foresight to put an iTunes gift card out there… The emotional experience of a wedding is only intensified through music… Mine will need to be extended just to get all of the songs in I want to hear!

  117. Jessica

    i would go absolutely mental without my daily planner! also, i am so glad i have my fiance around! he has been such amazing support during all the wedding chaos.

  118. jen

    I love snippetandink, 100layercake, greylikesweddings, and greenweddingshoes. But the ITEM I couldn’t live without is my giant artist’s sketchpad where I doodle and dream and try to put all the inspiration in some kind of order.

  119. Laura

    I would have to say that ALL the inspiration blogs for weddings are what I can’t live without. It’s so nice to be able to get SOO many ideas from others. I also enjoy all the information on what couples found were the best things to spend time and money on and what can be left out. The DIY ideas are very helpful too. To me its much more rewarding when you can play a part in your own wedding decorations!

    My favorite blog overall is… http://snippetandink.blogspot.com/ or http://www.rocknrollbride.com/ (the rock and roll bride has some great ideas for photographs!)

  120. Sarah

    I could not live without my blog-reader. I have accumulated so many gorgeous inspirations and fine-tuned my wedding esthetic by reading the beautiful wedding and design blogs.

    Hope I win, I’m also a sharpie fanatic 🙂

  121. Stacie

    I can’t live without a laser cutter! As an architecture student I am whipping that machine into production for everything I can think of out of card and wood: invites, programs, table centerpieces, decorations.

  122. Darya

    Weddingbee.com has been an invaluable source of support and inspiration.

  123. Dasha

    I love the gorgeous inspiration boards on Snippet & Ink.

  124. katarzyna

    I am totally addicted to Style Me Pretty…I check it repeatedly every day : )

  125. gina

    i love to read http://www.stylemepretty.com/

  126. Sydney

    Green wedding shoes!! I love to get inspiration from all the weddings and engagement sessions on the blog 🙂

  127. Laney Loo

    When wedding planning, I cannot do without Real Simple’s wedding magazine. The wedding issue is so thorough and covers all kinds of different scenarios. I have a lot of favorite wedding blogs as well, to name a few: Snippet & Ink; Green Wedding Shoes; Once Wed; Brooklyn Bride; Our Labor of Love; & Style Me Pretty. Martha Stewart’s blog and website are always nice to browse but a lot of the projects seem a little ambitious, especially when there are so many other details to worry about other than whether or not to make individual mini ice sculptures for everyone on the day of the wedding. And speaking of Martha, http://www.notmartha.org/about/ is always a fun, non-wedding blog to check out.

  128. Amy Smith

    My wedding planning would not be half of what it is whitout all of the wedding inspiration boards! I have been wanting to get that issue of SWMagazine and need some of the Sharpie Pens for my Guestbook Wishing tree!

  129. Nicole

    I love Style Me Pretty blog and I think Real Simple is the most helpful magazine!