Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

We Love You Paris

We know all too well what the taste of fear does to a soul.  We relived our tragedy as yours unfolded.  We prayed, we longed for fewer fatalities, we were on our knees praying God could spare you all from the hurt.  We know the road ahead is inconceivable but there is a road ahead.


You may have seen this post a few weeks back…and if not, go ahead, take a look.  I’ve been saving this post for the season and since Thanksgiving is upon us here in the states, well I figured it was just about that time.  All cozy and warm, this stationery’s color palette seems right at home as we near the middle of November. Every year I throw a bash for my team, to essentially let them know how awesome they are and of course for another excuse to pretend I’m an event designer!  Last year’s Botticelli Inspired Stationery was graciously featured in […]

Erin is envisioning Jekyll Island Wedding Invites inspired by the iconic history of Jekyll Island Club Hotel.  The softest of pastel color palettes will whisper romance into each and every brushstroke…

Hi Friends, I’m Kristy, the painter. It’s been such a long while since I (re)introduced myself here.  We’ve seen an influx of new readers and followers across our social media existence so I decided it was high time to say hello and let you know a bit more about me, circa 2015!  Okay, friends, I’m about to get real…bear with me. To learn more about the very early beginnings of Momental and THE hand-painted, watercolor wedding invites, read here. My journey to today is only by the grace of God.  However, I speak lightly as statements like this can seem alienating […]