Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Inspired to create Carey’s Elegant Fall Wedding Invitations…Thoughtful use of color and a tree scene full of personality (we’re adding in their pups) are planned.  Excited to see this design unfold. Riverbend in Kohler Wisconsin, Papers, Bouquet, Vintage Lacy Tree Wedding Invitations, Groomsmen

I’m back with more from our Fiore celebration shoot!  To get caught up, have a look here to read more about Envelopments’® most recent and very spirited pattern, Fiore! The design process for this pattern was a very collaborative one, where a certain synergy between creative minds was a must.  My watercolor swirls, swags and swooshes were crafted into a detailed, whimsical and precise pattern… What I adore most about these projects are the collaborations they inspire…a perfect example is this painted Paloma’s Nest piece…Delicate vines in shimmer copper and green against the white porcelain sit effortlessly in this scene. […]

Emerald, the punchy, saturated, sophisticated Pantone Color of the Year and our muse for a shoot project to celebrate my most recent pattern collaboration with the team at Envelopments®!  So to follow up last year’s watercolor pattern named Trellis, I joined forces with the talented crew at Envelopments® to create another watercolor pattern launched this past February.  Fiore, is a modern, whimisical spin on a classic Florentine pattern.  Fiore is the dishy, detailed and fresh follow up to last year’s feminine, flowery Trellis. So I gathered a team of creatives to paint, shoot, film and flower a celebration of the […]

I’m taking another much needed break from my blogging silence to share a story. Thirteen years ago seems like a lifetime when you speak the words.  But thirteen years married to Adam, feels like a beautiful blink. I was 22, he was 24 and judging by today’s average we were just kids, embarking on a trip together down the aisle.  A reading I recall most from our ceremony was from Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet and was one we chose together: “Then Almitra spoke again and said, “And what of Marriage, master?” And he answered saying: You were born together, and […]