Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Last week I shared a peek at our Pastoral shoot for DWHM, then seen on Ruffled.  This week I’m excited to share all of the stationery goodness from the project! Our palette was filled with moody slate, blues, and taupe.  Letterpress printing took center stage against the textured stocks I chose for each of the four suites.  Artwork was inspired by Victorian embroidery alphabets where persnickety detail takes over and swooshes, swirls and leafy sketches reign.  Our imaginary couple was the namesake of Momental Girl Joy’s grandparents.  The first hand painted wedding invitation suite’s mix of red, slate blue and tan […]

You may have heard me speak of my art teacher growing up, Sue Hand.  As a young art student I was hungry for new; I wanted to absorb everything I could about the world of art I knew so little about.  Sue would take myself and others with a blooming interest in all things painting, on day trips across Pennsylvania to visit museums, gardens and the like.  Jessica, our lead artist at the Momental Studio was with me on some of these trips and we recall, likely with the most vivid details our treks to Brandywine River Museum.  Home of […]

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’m a bit obsessed with one little word lately.  I made it my mission in 2013 to inspire myself and hopefully others along the way to live with Bossa.  I fell in love with this word a few years ago, and you can read all about it here. An excerpt from my post two years ago: “Bossa happens (and thank you Wikipedia for finally giving me a description for this) when all the right moments collide in a design.  Bossa happens when your mind AND your heart are in […]

I don’t leave the studio very often…and when I do it is usually to hop a plane and travel far, far away.  This morning I hopped in the car, with the Indigo Girls blasting and headed into town to meet Mr. Don Rash, bookbinder extraordinaire, who lives right in my backyard, I recently learned.  Mr. Rash is known nationwide for his book restoration and edition binding skills.  The Momental team is working on a BIG project and we’ve been enlisting the help of local artisans to get the job done.  So this meeting today was all about incorporating some of […]