Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

We’re back again this week with more of our favorites from NYC Bridal Market week.  Need to get caught up on our Trend Sketching reports from last week?  Head here for exquisite color from Theia Couture.  Stephanie Allin and Douglas Hannant caught our attention here.  Monique Lhuillier always captivates, see why here.  Don’t miss Leila Hafzi’s incredible hand painted frocks and finally Marchesa’s collection inspired by exotic blooms! And today. we’re in a world of Ines di Santo, a lovely world most may not want to leave…. Decadent, regal, festive…. Ines Di Santo pulled out all the stops for her […]

When we read that Marchesa’s Fall 2013 collection was inspired by the heart of the Iris and the Bulgarian Rose, we were ready to be wowed.  Marchesa did not disappoint. The show opened with jagged edged florals in silk chiffon cascading down and pooling on the floor. Lavish scalloped beading with an exotic flare,  topped of a fluid column gown with drop pearls and smokey crystals.  Drawing this beaded pattern would make the hours slip by easily.  I know our couples would adore the intricacy here that effortlessly communicates a detailed grace.  Imagining this look into stationery is a natural […]

We had the pleasure of stumbling upon international and eco-friendly designer Leila Hafzi.   Working in hand dyed natural silks dried in the open air of the Himalayas, her designs evoke the kinetic environment they are created in.  Rough cut edges and flowing, sweeping shapes in a palette of soft natural hues were a welcome break from a sea of white. Hand painted dresses are a signature of the designer and you can imagine our delight as we happened upon these brush touched frocks in her collection. Feathers, foliage and an abstract snake print wind around the dresses in a free […]

The much anticipated Monique Lhuillier runway is always a highlight of Bridal Market. The stage was set with whimsical white branches sprawling upwards and across the ceiling for a fairytale forest effect. The models sauntered in a figure eight fashion around the two clusters of limbs allowing their frocks to fan out to their full potential.  Our tweet the moment we saw this was “We just stepped into a little bit of magic”  So true…read on. There is something about gown design that intrigues me.  Seeing an artist express themselves in textile, bead and burnish in the same way I interpret […]

You never know what to expect from Bridal Market, a nod to tradition or a splash of color; we of course welcome the latter.  Like I’ve mentioned before this is our second year back and we’re still fine tuning our fashion crystal balls.  We’ve been following our favorite designers and trends but there were still many pleasant surprises in store. Douglas Hannant and Stephanie Allin were two designers with distinctly different looks this year… which kept us on our toes and in our sketch books! Douglas Hannant looks this season were distinctively daring with peekaboo silhouettes and angular folds. The […]