Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Ruins, the remains of human made architecture… When this word rolls of your tongue you are likely to vision Pompeii or some such historical moment.  Today I am thinking on the word ruin and feeling hopeful. From left: Walls coming down and the chaos of clutter this past weekend.  New space, blank and ready. Last I shared on our studio remodel, we were in the idea phase; thinking on gallery spaces and the like.  Now we are in the working phase and our lovely studio is a bit of a mess.  There is that stage when your brain recognizes a […]

A modern boutique hotel with an affinity for fine art sets the stage for a thoughtful celebration.  Sophisticated hues in blush, gold and coral flirt with a touch of romance. Sarah Ryhanen, Papers, Versailles Swirl Artwork, 21 C Museum Hotel, Modern Art Wedding, Vintage Swirl Wedding Invitation

A painted birthday wish for Leila, who inspires us all to be more and do more everyday… XOXO

Years ago I created a painting for Taylor.  She was hosting a Parisian influenced event and wanted a watercolor wedding invitation inspired by an aerial view of Versailles Gardens.  Enter my Versailles Swirl artwork.  Since then we have adapted, deconstructed and detailed this original look for Brides all over the world.  Who doesn’t love a little swirl? For Allison, a subtle sea vibe was in order balanced by the structure of gray damask. Amy opted for a Deco nod in her Peacock plumed swirl… Melissa more than nodded to Deco and even had us sketch a swanky couple silhouette… Kate […]