Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Back again with more from our glitzy and glam Holiday celebration!  In yesterday’s post, I got a bit mushy about my team but today I’m getting passionate about the paper!!  Color was electrified by the moody lighting and glimmery, glittery, sequin filled space. Vintage frames were the inspiration for all paper pieces.  I sketched, drew and painted interpretations of these gilded beauties…  Dinner menus were my favorite, featuring 5 shades of gold inks and black pen-scribble detailing!  The drink menu featured a round frame painted so heavily, each took nearly a half hour, truly a work of art! La Tavola’s […]

You may not know but “Momental” is a real word.  Over the years so many have asked how I came up with the name; if I had made it up and so on… The word Momental often confused with Monumental speaks of precious time, memories that are fleeting and pass by in a flash.  They are precious and full of meaning. How befitting that this team of women I work with every day get it.  They understand that life is worth celebrating; that we are here to uplift each other and relish in the precious and profound each moment holds. […]

You may remember the thoughtful painting I received last year from my childhood art teacher, Sue Hand.  Well another Christmas Season has come and another painting arrived in my mailbox.  Lively brushstrokes, unexpected color combinations and just a hint of shimmer all equal a slow moment of joy for me.  Thank you Sue. Very early on Sue taught me that you can make people feel a certain way with your art.  In sixth grade I remember seeing the pure joy in my Mom’s face when I presented a lifelike portrait I had created with colored pencils.  Today I speak with […]

A cool black and white palette combined with my fave, the Vintage Orchid Pattern?  What could be better?  Oh yes, a touch of gold… BHLDN, Vintage Orchid Wedding Invitation, White Bouquet, Papers

We were honored to have our Holiday Ombre cards featured this week on Glitterguide.com yesterday!! This year I crafted our Christmas Party invitations from scrap paper remaining from a year of projects… Watercolor Holly and gold swooshes adorned each.  A large brush was used to paint envelope liners too… A handwritten greeting was scanned and printed to save time! The final look! Thanks again to Glitterguide.com for including my project!!