Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Sharing this project has been a long time coming.  I’ve been sitting on images for nearly a year.  Yes, I’m a very patient lady.  You might remember my trip to Utah last fall?  I posted about a life changing project with a group of people I call friends but that was about all I said.  Well, a portion of the creative plunder from that day has gone live and we are honored that Janie from The Bride’s Cafe shared our vision.  Today I am giving a little behind the scenes peek at a film shot day-of. The concept was built […]

Lovely chat with Maricelle today has me literally giddy about design.  Mexican Talavera Pottery is at the heart of what makes Maricelle visual tastebuds tick!  Whimsical pattern in vibrant earth tones mix with watercolor-esque glazing techniques to create an iconic look that is so very recognizable.  I’ll be creating a Momental  interpretation of Talavera paired with bountiful roses and white Cattleya orchids! credits via Pinterest

This week’s favorites from the painting table are a varied bunch.  Each project holds so much sentimentality for its couple and family and we are honored to have brought these stories to life!  First up is Leigh’s Art Deco inspired wedding invitation.  A few photos of family heirlooms from Leigh are all we needed to begin.  I sketched a favorite brooch for it’s detailed design and round shape which translated effortlessly into this classic tiled pattern.  Hand painted dots and splashes of gold and gunmetal inks added over the top texture against the shimmer papers she chose. Art Deco Brooch […]

Happy Friday all!  The studio is a flurry with activity from gorgeous projects heading out the door to travel plans taking shape.  The Momental Girls are always up to something and this month seems to have our heads spinning! Jess and I are headed to Bridal Market in NYC next week. We’re not NYC bound meerly as spectators.  Look for us sketching our way through Bridal Market and tweeting live from the runways to bring to you our interpretation of the emerging trends.  Pencils are sharpened to sketch french silks, endless tulle, Swarovski crystals galore and all the unexpected moments […]

Nothing thrills quite like stepping into the unfamiliar.  I think this is why I adore travel so much.  Forcing myself into unique situations where I cannot predict my next move always jazzes things up.  When it comes to designing handmade wedding invitations the same holds true and a recent project had me wading through uncharted waters of color, paint and purpose.  A few weeks back I met with a group of ladies at the studio.  Usually I travel long distances to meet industry friends but for one night I sat in the bliss of my own studio space with a […]