Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

A few months ago I was asked to create a custom invitation suite inspired by Kentucky Bourbon!  Of course I was thrilled and got right to visioning ideas.  This board came first and then I began sketching. Parchment textures, subtle golds, and rosey hues all played their part in this suite.  A pencil sketched emblem with purposely smudged details conjured images of sultry, warm summer evenings with a glass of bourbon on ice.  A framework of sweeping swirls and simple blooms ensured the look could please the romantic in any bride.  A paper cutout bloom perched inside a brown medicine […]

I will be forever fascinated by the undulating, watery tones of watercolor textures.  I remember picking up my first paintbrush as a young girl and being taught how to make color burst on a wet page.  To this day nothing gets me more inspired than putting brush to a wet sheet of watercolor paper to watch the colors explode.  Wedding trends have caught on and fast.  I adore the delicately painted linen seen in the top left as well as Canvas and Canopy’s watercolor interpretation in blooms seen in the bottom right!  Last but not least are the sugar-color stunning-ness […]

Earlier this year we had the chance to collaborate with Stephanie and Adam.  Their motto for wedding planning was to let the artists do what they do…like music to my ears!  My first chat with them was filled with learning details about their personal style as it related mostly to attire and from this I was able to draw inspiration for the sleek wedding invitation they envisioned.  This is how Stephanie described their style: “Adam and I have a very interesting style that is a bit of a mixture of classically sophisticated and modern. Adam suggested describing our wedding attire […]

One of the most poignant memories I have with my best friend Amy is captured in a simple snapshot of us, barely 18 years old posing all wide eyed in front of Notre Dame de Paris.  A last hoorah type of high school trip to France brought us together for 9 days in the city of love where we ate, had our first sips of wine together, fought like mad and shopped our hearts out.  Although throwing two young girls together, far away from home for over a week proved to let emotions run high and cause a quarrel or […]