Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

I tweeted this on Monday: “2011 planning continues this week. My go to words this year: RE-DEFINE, GRACE, PAINTERLY, NARRATE. What are yours?” Then Michelle from Sage Wedding Pros tweeted this and my head has been spinning ever since: What is your INTENTION for 2011? This year has gone by faster than any other in my life.  To say this year was full of changes, landmarks and hurdles is an understatement.  All good, moving-forward type changes though.  The kind any good life lead needs.  Moving into 2011 I am forever mindful of 4 distinct intentions: 1. We get only so […]

In November Katie Martin, the super stylish gal behind Eco Beautiful Weddings Magazine asked me to create a collection inspired by cotton.    Her directions were simple;  make it Eco-friendly (of course) and use the colors yellow and blue.  I like to surprise people.  It is a secret delight for me to shock a bit.  We are known for our lavishly hand painted, romantic floral artwork where fussiness reigns and shimmer and sheen are paramount.  What many don’t know is that the Momental team is filled with young women bearing varied talents and differing aesthetics.  Steph and I worked on […]

Wishing you a very merry Holiday filled with engaging conversation, fond memories, bright color, fuzzy slippers, and warm cookies… May you take mindful moments to reflect on this past year; cherish moments passed and reflect on those still to come.  May you breathe in each moment and see with new eyes, all the life around you. “Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” – Wayne Dyer Images courtesy of Amanda Brooke Photography A little peek from our Momental Christmas Celebration!  Want to see the full story?  Check out the feature over at The Bride’s Cafe!

Erica and Ronnie were married last September, but I have been waiting for the perfect time to feature their stunning affair.  Their palette of pomegranate and chartreuse is both bold and elegant with an eclectic spin on color pairings.  Picasso callas and Green Cymbidium orchids are just a few of the floral elements that brought this event to life!  Palm leaf chair design for the head table introduced the fresh grassy green as seen throughout her stationery.  It is these small details that can transform an ordinary celebration into one that is remembered for years to come! Kristin Spencer captured […]

My art teacher and mentor from childhood is still someone I cherish daily.  She lives an artful life with passion and verve and I tribute much of my work ethic to the example she set for me as a young artist.  Painted canvas is typically reserved for high art pieces in a gallery but not for Sue Hand.  This mini painting arrived in my mailbox and was signed with the words “painted for Kristy and Adam”.  In that moment I felt understood.  A simple gesture of artwork felt immensely grand and marked a moment I will forever remember.  Holding the […]