Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Green Apple Photography Birthdays have always been kind of a big deal in my family.  More than cake and singing my parents always found a way to mark a birthday with a special trip, event or keepsake; not that there is anything wrong with cake and singing…I love both!  Growing up I often thought it strange that others were heading out for a celebratory dinner while my family was heading out for a birthday celebration road trip or some such orchestrated event of sorts.  Birthdays in my family weren’t measured by gifts or money spent though, they were measured by […]

This week’s production table was full of watercolor textures and dramatic color palettes.  Christina planned a perfectly sophisticated 40th Anniversary celebration for her parents with my watercolor scarlett roses as each guest’s first glimpse into the event to come .  The look is meant to be graceful, elegant and bold.  Each rose was flooded with juicy, red watercolor while gold shimmery inks filled the leaves with glistening color. Nicole contacted me several months ago after seeing her friend Denise’s stationery.  Her palette immediately drew me in and peaked my curiosity.  Gold, intense purple and orange all played a part in […]

Melissa is getting married this coming weekend and the Momental Girls could not be more thrilled.  We will miss her sense of style and kind words as she has been a pure joy to work with over the last few months.  Her invitations were epic, in my opinion at least!  From gorgeous silk textures to heavily painted swirls, the finished look is still talked about at the studio and by the couple’s guests.  That feels good to say the least.  When Melissa came back to me for her day-of accessories, I was truly honored and admittedly crazy excited to revisit […]

Last time I introduced Steph, one of our newest Momental Girls who happens to be amidst planning her summer 2011 wedding celebration!!!  Have a look here to meet Steph (and Tyler) and read more about how they met! Now onto the proposal!  I thought it best to let this story unfold in Steph’s own words: The engagement story is a bit long but sweet. Simply put, he sent me on a perfectly tailored scavenger adventure. On the day before my birthday, Tyler promised me a spectacular present. On his way to pick me up, I received a phone call. His […]