Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

While I was away The Momental Girls were working like crazy to keep orders flowing!  Two of their favorites were Brittany’s Painted Landscape wedding invitations and Emily’s heavily painted pomegranate wedding invitations.  Brittany’s collection started as a full size painting of Cherry orchards and vineyards.  The look was truly custom and in the end was a scene that truly existed only on paper and in our bride’s mind.  We essentially created her scene as she dreamed it should look – how fun! Emily came to us with a love of fruit!  She knew fruit needed to play a role in […]

The hubby, myself and my parents have been enjoying Zion Canyon this past week in preparation for the Renewal Ceremony tomorrow.  I simply cannot believe it is here.  Seeing our ideas unfold as we created a metaphorical and meaningful ceremony and celebration has been the perfect way to honor our last 10 years together. Mom and I on an unmarked trail headed towards The Court of the Patriarchs in Zion National Park. During our stay I have been able to make some time for impromptu stops at local markets to find last minute details to pull my renewal tablescape together.  […]

THE INSPIRATION: Super cute painted sweater originally seen on Anthropologie. THE CHALLENGE: Anne-Marie from the fabulous wedding style blog Perfect Bound found this adorable sweater on Anthropologie a few months back.  She got in touch to see if I would want to partner on a DIY post.  I loved the idea of course and was certainly curious to learn more about painting on sweaters! THE REASON: Now an ebay star, the painted Antrhopologie sweater inspired both Anne-Marie and myself to present an easy project that anyone could tackle who wants to infuse a certain artistry into bridesmaid’s gifts, honeymoon attire […]

Being this is the week the renewal is taking place in Zion National Park, I thought it could be fun to show off some past work done for clients with a similar idea to ours.  I am a huge fan of destination weddings in any location although get really excited when I hear of couples choosing not-so-traditional spots for their day. Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park held special meaning for Sheri and Tom.  Our waterfall painting added the perfect, personal touch to their Custom Save the Dates. Edward and Joel fell in love with the magesty of Sedona and […]

So there are some parts of the planning process that just make me stop and say wow!  Having our wedding bands redesigned by Marc of Marcco Jewelers did just that.  Marc custom designed my first wedding band to fit perfectly with the engagement ring Adam chose for me.  That band is now being melted down to fashion one of these! Adam and I wanted to exchange new rings, made from the metal of our original bands during the ceremony in Utah.  I sketched a classic redrock vista to include a sun and star silhouette.  The design does not repeat and […]