Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Working with true kindred spirits doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the results are magical. I wrote this sentence yesterday and believed every word because it happened to me.  Last month I had the extreme joy of working with a group of artists I am proud to call friends and colleagues.  Jesse Ryan captured a collaboration between myself and Caroline of Paloma’s Nest and I am so grateful to have been introduced to his work.  Given about a week’s notice to come on board our little project, Jesse was ready and willing to get involved.  His enthusiasm floored me.  […]

As promised I am back to share a look into my Ark of Inspiration.  These images surround me daily in some shape or form and add the sauce and spice to my life.  The simple, crisp look of Paloma’s Nest pieces are my much needed visual rest and these two are in my direct field of vision for at least 12 hours a day (hung or resting against my monitors). My personal space is a different story.  Color is everywhere.  Rich, saturated vibrant color. Southwest textiles and artwork can be seen throughout my home meshed with vintage, baroque inspired furniture […]

Last week I had the honor to meet and interact with three amazing individuals.    Lara Casey, Nick Onken and Jeff Holt are the type of artists who listen, respond and inspire – the most powerful and impacting kind there is, in my opinion.  I spent a lovely six hours soaking up their wisdom and answering their questions out loud and inside my own head.  So many clients and peers ask me, “how do you stay inspired?”, “how do you come up with so many ideas?” and so on.  It wasn’t until last week in the small room with Lara, Nick […]

Every once and a while I meet with clients face to face.  It is a special joy for me since so many of our clients live here, there and everywhere!  I had the privilege to meet Jessica and her fiance recently and needless to say their wedding palette was heavily inspired by Tim Burton imagery. We sat for over an hour, discussing paper options, color palettes and artwork details.  We decided on our Vintage Swirls pattern, which features a cool, spike-like swirl. We plan to alter the main flower to resemble my Sculpted Bloom and add more spikey swirls throughout.  […]

So, I have met Ms. Weinstock several times in the past and after a lot of prioritizing and planning knew I must have a Sylvia Weinstock cake for our renewal party in PA!  I spent the early part of this week in New York City and finally had my chance to sit in Ms. Weinstock’s studio and design my very own cake. So to begin my story I must say how impressed I was when Ms. Weinstock picked up the phone to confirm my appointment.  How is it possible that a woman as busy as she still answers the phone?  […]