Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

What a better reason to host a giveaway, than in celebration, right?  As you might know it has been a fabulous two weeks here at The Momental Studio.  We are feeling quite blessed and would like to share the love!  I have put together a basket full of Momental favorites for the winner of this giveaway to be announced next Tuesday, January 19th at 12pm est! So, you might be wondering, what is a Momental Favorite? The giveaway basket includes a few items I love to surround myself everyday with for one reason or another.  The Southern Weddings magazine is […]

As many of you know, Karen Tran is one of my favorites for inspirational eye candy and floral artistry that makes your mouth drop, quite literally.  Karen and I have collaborated on several projects in the last year but finally we were able to share a unique client this past November! Loan (the Bride) came to me a little late admittedly, especially when custom design is involved BUT I was so thrilled with her ideas that taking on her project was never a question.  Several design revisions were needed as ideas evolved along with each custom sample I created.  We […]

After having one of the most amazing weeks of my life, I began reflecting more on 2009 this morning.  I have been surrounded by so many talented friends who have truly rallied around the work done here at the Momental Studio.  I’m a big dreamer and an even bigger doer but those I have met over the last year and their reactions to my work make the experience truly meaningful. After sitting down to write an honest post last August about how my hand painted wedding invitations came to be I was floored by the response.  During the last 6 […]

With all the Holiday madness and wrapping up last minute 2009 orders the renewal planning took a back seat.  I am sure most brides can relate to this as January 1st comes and goes you inevitably have the “oh, you know what” moment when the realization of planning to-do lists grows in your mind! Since it has been a while you can catch up on my planning story here, here, here and here.  Right now we are still on the hunt for a photographer, but I am putting my panic aside to gather my thoughts about color, food and decor.  […]

I have been dying to share the news!!!   Months ago the lovely Leila emailed me to say that the Editor of Inside Weddings was loving my Shimmering Winter snowflake invitation set.  A request for a complete set was made and I went right to work!  The snowflake illustration was originally created for a client in Ireland about 2 years ago.  The whimsical style and understated feel of the snowflake artwork are the perfect “canvas” for lavish hand-painted details. I reserved the good part of 2 days in the studio to create this collection.  Yes, that is right 2 days.  The […]