Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Every once in a while I connect with an artist’s creation.  Whether it be a specific placement of a brushstroke or a mindful way a line is drawn – the smallest detail can spark a huge response.  Discovering Betsy Dunlap‘s artful calligraphy style elicited such a response. I was instantly captivated by the energy in her hand-drawn letters – how certain styles simply danced across the page.  Officially introduced to Betsy’s work when the new Brooklyn Bride site was launched, I was hooked and a fan for life. I discovered this particular style and knew immediately it would be perfect […]

Next week’s photoshoot is coming quick!  I am so excited to be working with a fabulous team.  Daniel, our photographer, Dorian and Eloise, our floral designers and Cathy, our Cake designer are ready to go and I simply cannot wait to see everything come together! Next Tuesday we will collaborate on two shoots.  Read more about the first here. Now all I need to do before then is dream up the stationery  – will get right on that! Bouquets, Chairs, Linens, Cake A last minute addition after raiding my Mom’s china cabinet!  Vintage Noritake Tree in the Meadow China. http://www.mysweetandsaucy.com/

While on vacation or any experience outside of the studio my husband always asks “why must you be painting and drawing all the time, just take a break!”    The truth is painting and sketching is how I experience my world.  Much like taking a hike or tasting new food, painting for me is a way to interact and experience. During the last Engage event in Grand Cayman I began to sketch.  Being entirely inspired by all the fab shoes, styles and personalities I needed a way to record the experiences on paper.  My sketches become a way to not only […]

This was my third time attending one of the fabulous Engage events visioned and designed by the super smart and kind Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce.  I am a BIG fan on these two gals, to say the least.  Razor sharp insight into the wedding industry, down to earth personalities and a passion like none I have seen before are just some of the qualities that make these two women so very praiseworthy.   Engage is a haven for the luxury wedding professional; a breeding ground for big ideas and forward thinking.  While each Engage event has differed from it’s predecessor, […]

Today is my first day back in the studio from a whirlwind 8 days out west.  As most of you know the hubby and I are big travelers.  One of our most beloved places on earth (besides home) is Utah, namely Zion National Park.  When I heard of the location for Engage 09!: The Encore we knew a trip to Zion was imminent.   What better timing as we are amidst the plans for our renewal ceremony there next May! Today is just a little teaser of the blogging to come over the next few weeks chronicling my travels and inspirations […]