Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

I stumbled upon this website while reading one of my favorite blogs, Unruly Things.   Samantha Robinson is a porcelain artist whose website is one of the most innovative I have seen in some time.    I just adore the pencil-sketchy-casual feel with pops of unexpected color. Dive into her website to find lovely porcelain vessels adorned with gorgeous pattern work in all shades of color.  I am especially enamored with these Illuminators. My favorite example of her pattern work – such a balanced sense of texture and smart use of color. So definitely head over to Amanda’s site and don’t […]

Happy Labor Day!

I realized yesterday that Labor Day weekend is just upon us!   The fact that I did not realize the Holiday was this weekend,  made me think…perhaps I need to slow down a bit.   I found this image from one of my favorite artists, Gustav Klimt (more on him next week) and it made me think of those I love and the precious time we have together.  Gustav’s “Tree of Life” helped me reflect a bit, slow down and look forward to a day or so of enjoying friends, family a bit of slowed-down-life this weekend. So I hope […]

Jes and Andrea’s Halloween Tree is the Momental Girls unanimous favorite this week!  My hand drawn silhouette combined beautifully with copper and filigree shimmering cardstocks.  The look is a testament to the visual power of  combining mindful, yet simple design with exquisite materials. Jes first contacted me nearly a year ago describing her and Andrea’s handfasting ceremony under this beloved tree in New Jersey.  About 2 months ago she emailed saying their tree had been partially destroyed by gypsy moths – so sad.  Not a problem though as I quickly changed my illustration – ah the joys of custom wedding […]