Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Last night, I posted an interesting question on Twitter.  Certainly not a question that has never been asked before, but an interesting one just the same.  The question was simple –  “what makes you feel most alive in your work?”  I immediately thought of the question I am asked so often – “what inspires you”?  I think this is an important question we should all ask ourselves, regardless of our professions, don’t you think? I put together a few images from the past several days that made me stop and say wow.  Obviously pattern is an affinity of mine, saturated […]

Nicole contacted me earlier this year after reading an interview I did for The Bride’s Cafe.  She had a very special request and hoped I could help.  Nicole envisioned a custom, hand-painted wedding certificate allowing space for each wedding guest to sign as witness to their marriage.  She explained her color palette included bold jewel tones with a strong peacock theme throughout.  Nicole planned to frame the final piece for display as a daily reminder of the day – no pressure! I created several sketches for Nicole before beginning work on the final piece.  The artwork was completely composed free-hand.  […]

To catch up on my renewal planning adventure check in here, here, here, here and here!  The hubby and I just booked out flight  for a trip to Las Vegas and Zion next month.  Our first stop will be in Vegas for the much anticipated Engage!09: The Encore.  We then head to Springdale, UT for 4 days in Zion National Park.    I cannot wait to choose our ceremony location and stop in at the Bit and Spur to plan our post-ceremony celebration meal! I adore succulents.  Since last year, these lovelies have been popping up here, there and everywhere in […]

For the past few weeks my Mom and I  have been involved in a special little project.  I had this idea to create bouquets made entirely from hand-painted watercolor paper.  So last weekend we headed out to local markets to find vintage elements to adorn these creations.  I have always been secretly obsessed with old clip on earrings and ladies hankies.  I love the color and romantic detail in these pieces so was thrilled to incorporate them into my designs. So,  honestly, what do you think?  Stay tuned for more about our progress…

Change is good

I have been wanting a change for my Current Projects gallery for some time now.   Today is the day. After weeks of scribbling new name ideas on paper with no truly fabulous results, a dinner with my Mom was all I needed to dream up the perfect name for my Current Projects gallery.  We sat for hours at a local Chinese restaurant and scribbled random words trying to describe the artistic gallery of my newest custom invitation designs.  We found ourselves joking about how messy the painting table at the studio can become.  Mom suggested wet brushes and that […]