Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Jess and Gino’s jewel tone lotus wedding stationery collection was everyone’s favorite this week. Panos chose an abstract peacock feather artwork interpretation while Julie opted for a more realistic rendering of vibrant plumeria. I am just gushing over Lisa’s River Tree Wedding Invitation – really – cannot stop commenting on it. I had the pleasure of meeting a gr of great ladies at Blogging Bootcamp on Wednesday, hosted by Liene Stevens of The Smart Planner and Blue Orchid Designs @ capriesevents @MewPaperArts @abcddesigns @tammygolson @asyouwishwed @EliteAffairs @attn2perf What inspired me this week? Donna has a way – the emotion captured […]

Layers of watercolor paper proved to be the perfect backdrop. Black, yellow and white – yum! Pretty papers fresh from our travels to the National Stationery Show. Shane sent these to me late last night – I am just thrilled. I really love how he captured the hand-painted details on Shea’s unique wedding announcement.

The day I have been waiting for, losing sleep over and after hours prepping for is finally complete! Shane East lugged his gear to the studio and set up a traveling photo studio to capture nearly 1500 shots just in the first day(more to come on Thursday). The studio was a mess of paper, paint and flower pieces being tossed/placed here and there to create the perfect environment for our invites. To experience these collections come to life on camera was quite exhilarating. I can hardly wait for the new website launch in only 3 weeks! Each collection was “organized” […]

Momental in the City!

Jessica and I spent a whirlwind day in NYC on Monday at The National Stationery Show. The show albeit smaller than other years was a challenge to cover in one day but we did it and managed to leave feeling invigorated and brimming with ideas! We spent nearly an hour rummaging through the trims and ribbons at the Raffit Ribbon booth. I can hardly wait to receive my first order tomorrow! The Dutch Door Press booth drew me right in. I was so taken with the simple imagery and bold colors. Perhaps my favorite find was the Mother/Daughter team from […]

This week we had a blast creating our newest designs. Danielle and Jesse’s Rehobath Beach inspired design features a simple illustration of the dunes hand-painted with touches of gold and sage. Sarah’s pathway tree includes tiny butterfly’s – perfect for her ceremony at Butterfly Gap Retreat in Tennesee. We just love Kim’s raffi tied gatefold which opens to reveal her very own birdhouse tree! I included a quick sneak peek at my new website scheduled to launch next month! And lastly Jessica and I are heading to the National Stationery Show on Monday – looking forward to sharing! The hubby […]