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I’m back today with a little more love from my time at Engage!12 at The Breakers in Palm Beach… I can usually be seen sketching the incredible decor and details and love to share the results!

I had a little fun sketching some of the Engage!12 speakers…just a little.  These each take about 2 minutes are meant to be pretty rough and whimsical… Here we have The Party Goddess, Cindy Novotny, Shira Savada and Mindy Weiss!

I’ve started a new tradition at each conference where I begin sketching an original pattern to see what evolves as the event does….This pattern evokes the immense vibrancy and spirit of the speakers, attendees and of course decor that greeted me at every turn!

Next was Harriette Rose Katz, Darcy Miller and Keija Minor

And lastly, the iconic Sylvia Weinstock!

One simple statement is ringing in my ears from this particular experience.  I furiously scribbled Cindy Novotny’s words into my sketchbook.  “Faster, Higher, Stronger”  After Friday’s events my interpretation of these words are a bit changed…I’m inspired to Forgive Faster, Rise Higher, and Love Stronger.  Amen.

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Every one and a while a project comes along that captures your heart.  This is one of those projects.

Many of you know from following over the years, I’ve been involved with the iconic Engage! Wedding Symposiums for the past 5 years.  Not your typical conference by far, these epic gatherings are a mingling of minds, hearts and passions.  Twice a year I join the best in the industry in some of the most impressive locations coast to coast; from Grand Cayman and Las Vegas, to San Diego and the incomparable Breakers in Palm Beach.

Rebecca and Kathryn of Engaging Concepts – the ladies behind the magic
Scott Clarke Photography and Chellise Michael Photography

 Just a taste of the inspiring decor…
Scott Clarke Photography and Chellise Michael Photography

We joined forces with the team at Two Paperdolls to create the itineraries and namecards for each attendee…Being this was Engage’s 10th anniversary, we just had to step it up.  Once I reviewed the color story…Tangerine Tango, white and silver, I knew…there had to be silver foil.  It all began with a sketch of The Breakers

For some wow, I envisioned a large tri-fold to stretch to 15 inches when open…Here is where the insanely talented Deborah Nadel comes into play.  Her custom script, crafted especially for Engage! made an appearance again and again from cover to interior.  We had the honor of watercolor-ing over and around her lovely hand.

To get the look first clean water is painted onto each.  We then float in soft watercolor shades, letting the color and water explode together in haphazard form.

Next we moved on to the extra large namecards.  Two Paperdolls created sheets of the Engage! pattern in silver foil which we then painted in an ombre effect with rich shades of tangerine ink.

I interpreted the Engage! sunburst in sketch and each were then painted with juicy watercolor and silver shimmer ink brushstrokes…all 600…these lovelies were double sided.

I won’t soon forget the call I received after all art was sent and the printing had been done.  Vanessa from Two Paperdolls could only say “this stuff looks #!&*##!! amazing!”  Now you know me…I don’t get mouthy on my blog but that statement from Vanessa seemed to sum up what we all were feeling about the Engage! paperie.

Every impression, every brushstroke, each turn of the pen was full of spirit and a colorful energy -we all felt it.  I’m honored to have created this paperie with such good, good people.  XO

Scott Clarke Photography and Chellise Michael Photography

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