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So thrilled to finally share a behind the scenes look at our recent features in Flower Magazine!  Last summer a message in my inbox turned a good day into an amazing one.  Liz from the magazine got in touch to invite me on as their Artist in Bloom for the winter 2011 issue.  My heart jumped…I could barley contain my excitement.  After receiving a complimentary subscription the season before and diving deep into every issue since then, the prospect of being featured on the pages of this magazine floored me.

Soon I was busy with a flurry of plans for a photoshoot with friend Daniel Lanton.  The studio needed some sprucing and well let’s be honest I am always open to posing for some new headshots.  One balmy day in early fall of 2010 Daniel visited our studio and spent the afternoon with the Momental crew.

Elizabeth interviewed me for the story.  Her most thought provoking questions were impressive.  She wanted to learn about our process, techniques and inspirations.  The finished piece Elizabeth penned was evident of a sincere interest in the work we create at the studio.  Well considered questions and a keen ability to listen resulted in a story I cherish, told for me by Elizabeth.  I thank you.  The words which I feel get right to the heart of what we do here were these:

“Rice’s role as an artist is two fold.  She has her own voice, but she also paints with the style and vision of her client in mind.  For Rice to be an authentic conduit for this collaboration, she embodies the role of interpreter, narrator, and friend.  She uses an entirely separate set of skills thank her brushes and paint: intuition, empathy and a sort of interpersonal reverence…Every piece of Rice’s work is touched by the hand or brush of an artist.  It is a difference your fingers can literally feel.  Each piece holds unique variances, and there is an honest, human touch…not just Rice’s, but her clients’ as well.”

A never before seen shot from our Flower Magazine shoot.  The Momental Girls are an integral part, essential part really of this process we call ours.  Without them, Momental could not be.  Over the years good friends and strangers became confidants and fellow artists.  Our clients love the work we do here because of the work the Momental Girls do every day.  Thanks ladies. XOXO

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There are moment when your life shifts.  Usually these are small moments when big change is least expected but most likely.  Saying yes to an idea or just being in the moment with an welcoming mind can open doors to so much good.

I’ve said it before. One of the great joys of this business are the people.  Our couples, the artists I share each day with and the fellow industry talents I call friends.  This story is about those friends.

In November of 2009 I hopped a flight to join Lara Casey and team in celebration of Southern Weddings V2.  In an innocent car ride to dinner after meeting up with then twitter friend Caroline of Paloma’s Nest, an idea found its voice.  A certain song came on the radio…the deep, dark, velvety sound of Johnny Cash’s voice filled the space and in a moment Caroline said, “we need to do a Walk the Line shoot”.  Oh yes.

The plan immediately took shape and soon after the launch party we were both back in our studios with shoot plans well underway.  Caroline and I with different aesthetics found a way to work together that was both energizing and enlightening.  Soon I was buying plane tickets for a week-long trip to Austin last March.

Over the next few days I will be sharing more about our collaboration which we lovingly called the “Walk the Line Shoot”.   This experience quickly became so much more than staging stunning wedding details…it became more about reaching out of the box of daily life to find kindred spirits.  It was about making art together and offering up smart ideas to couples that are truly accessible in so many ways.

Sharing the details has been a long time coming.  This industry certainly teaches patience :) First up is a look at the inspiration board that started it all!

Hymnal, Johnny Cash, Chandelier in Garden, Dress, Carnival Glass, Cabin, Flowers

Concept sketch

The labor of love this shoot became was recently featured in Southern Weddings Magazine V3.  So many more goodies to come in my series of posts including never-before-seen shots!  Can’t wait to see more?  Check out Caroline’s interview of the Etsy blog OR read more about my time in Austin here!

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Have you seen the new issue of Inside Weddings?  I am thrilled to say our Painted Orchid invitation set was featured in the Summer issue.  WOW what an honor!

I was asked to create a green and fuchsia ensemble based on Tara’s design, hand-picked by the Editor herself…can you say, gulp (I did when the call came in from Leila)?  I immediately contacted my friends at Envelopments® and they were gracious enough to create a custom Pocketfold® in one of their newest stocks – Raw Silk Gold Cabana!  Within days I had 4 expertly crafted Pocketfolds® in my  hands and was ready to create some painted love to fit inside!

My thoughts immediately went to a destination invitation look.  The pocket would hold a itinerary card inviting guests to “get away with us”.  Ink pen drawn orchids and bamboo were then meticulously painted with shimmery fuchsia and creamy white inks.  Some of my favorite Envelopments papers like Magnolia and Pyrite were used alongside a richly textured matte stock with flecks of natural material throughout.

A huge thank you to Inside Weddings for trusting in me and choosing to support our work here at Momental Designs, it means the world to us!

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After a rainy weekend and dreary few days to follow, the sun is finally shining here in Northeast PA!  How appropriate since today I am sharing my very sunny collaboration with Good Life Events and Llanes Photography!  Recently Melissa from The Loveliest Day featured this concept shoot on her very lovely blog!

Ready for a vacation right?  I know I am!  The caspian napkins and those jade green vases let you know immediately you are in store for a color experience.  Oh and those peach carnations were the perfect choice to allow the other colors to really sing!

I love the idea of layering so I created this double layered menu tag but didn’t attach them to one another…The fresh, breezy feel seemed just right for this laid back and vibrant table.

My Vintage Swirls pattern fit right in, especially with that wow linen Aleah and Nick chose, who knew?  Hand painted strokes of white, coral and copper were applied quickly and heavily.  The finished look was textured to the touch…yes!

Years ago I created this lemon blossom watercolor and much to my dismay had never used it in a project…until NOW!  How perfect, right?  Abstract and soft, cool and fun; all words I would use to describe this concept wedding.   Thank you Aleah and Nick for having the vision in the first place and for bringing me along!

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Aleah from Good Life Events called me one day earlier this year with a lofty idea (aren’t those the best kind?).  A marathon day of six wedding shoots was planned and she wanted me to create all the custom stationery to coordinate.  I was immediately intrigued and knew my creative muscle would be challenged since I only had 2 weeks to make it happen!

The first of the six tabletop shoots was featured recently on the sweet blog, Merci New York.  Chic and thoughtful design details for weddings are this blog’s passion so Aleah and Nick‘s English Style tablescape fit right in.  What I was most surprised by and ultimately in love with was the fact that this tablescape was small in scale.  The mindful decor really packed a punch in terms of visual statement.  No elaborate, 10 seat table need here – intimate, choice decor elements were it.

I decided to create the stationery surrounding my Sculpted Bloom Collection.  A soft, flecked rice paper in the softest shade of pink was the choice.  Painted edges in gold and fuchsia tipped stamens added whimsical personality overall.

Thanks to Style Circle at Style Me Pretty for my travel friendly inspiration board creation!

Lately obsessed with old patterned handkerchiefs I decided to upholster a table number border with a snazzy little number I picked up recently.

A huge thank you to Aleah and Nick for involving me in this project.  Their hard work and determination paid off since this is only the first of a handful of features to result from the marathon shoot.  Check back soon as I share more,  namely a DIY post to help you re-create the table numbers!

And last but certainly not least is Jenny from Llanes Weddings who captured our work.  I just love the graceful light and romantic feel of each shot. Want more?  See the full post here!

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Last week, we were featured on one of our favorite blogs, Green Wedding Shoes!  The first of three “Inspired Ink” style collaborations with Jen was posted last week with the two others to follow soon! Thought I would share a few behind the scenes shots not seen here!



Close-up of the storybook Sculpted Bloom.



Paint spattered circles just before being sculpted into blooms!

A huge thank you to Jen for making this dream a reality for me!

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You may remember a post from a few months ago, letting you know of my plans to collaborate with some favorite local talent on a tablescape shoot I had been visioning for some time.  First let me say that the team was made up of amazing people whose input and vision were integral to the end result of this shoot.  From the beginning I felt it was important to bring everyone together to bounce ideas around and ensure we were all pumped about the design.  On one chilly fall morning last year, that is exactly what we did.  On my part, sketches were made, food was ordered and the rest was history –  just a group of wedding creatives getting together to have some design fun!

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I received the email from Leila, letting me know Amanda at Ruffled Blog had simply fallen in love with our tablescape.  Yesterday, a full feature made it’s way to the front page of Ruffled and I and the team couldn’t be more thrilled!  I decided to share some shots not seen on Ruffled over the next two days but first let me tell you more about my amazing team!

Daniel our photographer is a trusted friend whose work never ceases to amaze me.  He had great input to include some edgy, artistic details in signage and color choices.  Dorian our designer of flowers and more, was amazing in the moment, dashing around with his buckets of flowers, whipping up amazing looks as quickly as you could say go.  He was a joy to watch as his intensity and trust in the process produced some of the most joyful flower designs I have seen. Cathy our cake designer and I worked very closely on the sugar creations as so much of what she designed included my paper sculptures.  It was such a blast to put our heads together and feed off eachother’s energy.  Emarie from La Tavola Linens, actually sat on the phone , amazing me with her photographic memory of thier linen inventory, hand picking the linens she thought would work best with the tablescape vision.  When the massive linen box arrived I was thrilled to find extra linen options included, that we hadn’t even discussed!  Caroline from Palomas Nest has become a good friend recently and enthusiastically provided many pieces of which she had no clue what I was planning for.  Thanks Caroline for trusting me!

momental_designs527As mentioned on Ruffled we tried to pull off a spring looking shoot but how could we fight the natural magic going on that day?
Yellow leaves were everywhere!  The shot on the right shows off the peony linen from LaTavola.

momental_designs531The cake concept started it all and my Sculpted Bloom was the centerpiece.  Strokes of watercolor for shading and painted
dots at the flowers center gave a fun, edgy feel to this whimsical bloom.  The Cottage at Hillside (where we plan to party for our renewal in PA) can be seen in all it’s glory behind the cake.  Will, the owner gave us free reign over the place, allowing me to dig through 4 floors of old furniture, books and china to make our shoot just right.  It was an honor to spend time in this stunning 1800’s home.

momental_designs533A close-up shot of the hand painted table runner against my Grandmother’s gold creamer.

Check back tomorrow as I reveal more about the stationery, lemonade stand and more from this shoot!

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