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It is hard to put into words seeing a project of this magnitude come to life.  I began my career very humbly…literally building invitations on my dining room table and scrubbing paint of it’s hardwood surface everyday before dinner.  Never could I have dreamed that one day I would lead a team of creatives in making art at one of this country’s most beloved pieces of architectural history.  Last June I visited The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina and fell completely, head-over-heels in love.  Never have I experienced a place bursting with such pride of ownership.  Everyone from the shuttle driver to the cafe worker seemed to beam with pride at this place that seemed more like everyone’s home that a private estate originally built for just one family.

So imagine then hosting a wedding at this place so steeped in tradition and history.  Imagine starting your modern love story amidst visually beguiling scenery and heirlooms at every glance.  Imagine, just for a moment walking the sprawling grounds with The Biltmore Estate in the misty distant view.  Well, that is exactly what we did, we imagined, dreamed and asked a lot of ourselves and the images to follow are the bounty.

Blueberry Creative documented our day.  Just love the spirit captured here….

Editorial Shoot for Destination I Do Magazine at The Biltmore Estate from Blueberry Creative on Vimeo.

We crafted a table for twenty.  Scale was so important here so we had to build a table that would visually stand up to the grandeur of The Biltmore!  Wholesale Flowers were provided by Fiftyflowers.com to include delicate Hydrangea, Garden Roses, Star of Bethlehem and Hanging Amaranthus for Lily Greenthumb’s to design away with!

Th hummingbird became a subtle visual thread throughout…I just adore this die cut and hand painted hummingbird table number nestled in the blooms.

Sophisticated Wedding Table Inspiration Dreaming of this linen from LaTavola Linen for quite some time I knew quickly it was the perfect backdrop for our table.  It feels so much like a painting with its gradients of color…romantic blooms, leafy moments and a subtle peacock reference lend an exotic touch…20 feet of greens, dahlias and eucalyptus was built on location.  Pops of bold, saturated watermelon graced each menu for a more youthful element that was a bit unexpected. Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Hand sketched in white a gilded monogram is set against a sherbert inspired trio of stocks…

Hand Gilded Modern Wedding Menu Of the three invitation suites created for this shoot, this was possibly my favorite.  Meant to Be Calligraphy gave us stunning script to play with and of course I felt compelled to stretch inside an embroidery hoop!

Cross Stitch Inspired Watercolor Artwork Skilltree Designs created these exotic wood monogram letters.  Love this modern spin on a classic monogram!

Exotic Wood Handmade Monogram Classic layout and structure was mingled with unexpected moments in this suite.  A favorite detail are the hand painted dupioni silk ribbon elements; photo corners on the invitation and a wrap at the menu’s bottom.

Watercolor Monogram Wedding Invitations So over the moon with these hoop art wedding place cards from Thimble and Thistle!

Hoop Art Place Cards Lulu Frost is a personal favorite of mine so to have the chance to style with her pieces was a dream…A bracelet found its way to the hair but it works, right?

Lulu Frost Wedding Jewelry And the garland…what else can I say?
Garland Wrapped Wedding Couple Jill and Ryan from With Love and Embers are like painters with the camera…light becomes paint in their world and I love every minute of it.

Watercolor Wedding Fan for Bride
Watercolor Crest Hand Painted Wedding Invitation It is hard to say thank you properly for an experience of this magnitude.  Firs the trust of The Biltmore Team and Destination I Do Magazine is quite simply, humbling.   To the team,  some of which followed me many states away and dealt with many intensly demanding and  highly emotional moments on location…you are a gift. XO

Want to read more about the cover shot?  Read here and of course there is more to follow soon!

Venue - The Biltmore, Asheville, North Carolina  ::  PhotographyWith Love and Embers  ::  Styling, Concept and DesignKristy Rice  ::   Planning – Erica Stawick, Ashley Baber Weddings  ::  Cake, Wine and CateringBiltmore  ::  Floral DesignLily’s Greenthumb  :: Wholesale Flowers byFiftyflowers.com  ::  FilmBlueberry Creative  ::  MakeupBlush  ::  Hair – Emily Anne Hair  ::  GownsClaire Pettibone  ::  CalligraphyMeant to Be Calligraphy  ::  LinensLaTavola Linen  ::  Vintage RentalsEast West Vintage Rentals  ::   Custom Wood Monogram and Cake ToppersSkilltree Designs  ::  JewelryLulu Frost  ::  Casual ShoesTieks  ::  Hoop Art Place Cards – Thimble and Thistle

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Today is the official landmark day for love and its one I’ve admittedly left in the dust since college.  I’ve been with my hubby since high school and over the years we’ve taken a much more low key approach to this controversial Holiday.  To play or not to play is typically the question amidst those of my generation (slightly pre-millenial) and those to follow.  We’ve seemed to take a stance on celebrating the many loves in our lives on just one day.  Because, (enter cliché) well love should be celebrated everyday.  So friends, my casual boycott of Valentine’s day is not because I don’t love the sentiment behind the day but simply because I try (and sometimes fail) to love passionately everyday.

In the spirit of loving simply and without fanfare…I would like to share a very special project recently revealed in the inaugural issue of the beloved and until now digital wedding magazine, Utterly Engaged.  Our contribution was this Rustic Floral Pattern Artwork piece…

The editors reached out to request a piece of original artwork be created…of course inspired by a favorite love quote.  Well this one was rough for me because, again I’m not a hopeless romantic but more of a silly, loving, affectionate,  everyday kind of romantic.  In high school I fell for the work of Kahil Gibran, in his work The Prophet.  Every word feels real and riddled with sometimes very real and raw emotion.  Romanticism mingles with desperation, longing and vulnerability.  He conjures images of quiet and piercing emotional moments that loves share when they live their days closely intertwined.  His words always resonate with my view on real love and what it takes to live in a marriage that fulfills and fires passions big and small.  Daffodil Painting The last sentence “And to sleep with a prayer for the beloved on your heart and a song of praise upon your lips”.  Just divine…and really the words cut right to the core of what I believe marriage to be all about; a daily commitment to loving, true compassion and sacrifice.

AND SO THE STORY BEHIND THE ARTWORK  Immediately an organic, eclectic pattern was swimming around in my brain.  The poem’s metaphors grew into imagery of rustic landscapes, curious critters and of course, lush, bountiful and romantic blooms.  To take the look a step further I painted and sketched on a wood panel which was whitewashed before many layers of defining inks were applied; all in the vain of creating a warm and inviting finish.  I kind of want to crawl inside this scene and take a nap.

Raspberry and Floral Artwork for Utterly Engaged Magazine The hawk is symbolic for me of majesty and honor, while the bunny of sweetness and gentility.  Oh and the hubby’s nickname for me is bunny, so there you go…

Bits of hand gilding were in order…

Whimsical Wildlife Sample It has been a while since I’ve created artwork meant to translate a piece of poetry…much more the sort of project I’d see in college.  It was however a mini-rebirth in my art life, to experience painting and thinking in this way again.  Thank you Utterly Engaged for the chance to revisit some old ways and to trade in my realist romanticism for just a touch of Valentine’s Day style indulgence. XO

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We’re so honored to have been part of the cover shoot for Munaluchi Bride Magazine.  The ladies behind this publication have fierce spirits and some amazing ideas to back up up that fire.  They’ve created a platform for brides of color craving the utmost in style and culture.  This cover shoot had its home at The Villa at Sunstone Winery which Elizabeth Messina captured effortlessly in all its light filled glory.  Look on for more.

Munaluchi Bride Magazine Cover We created an abstract interpretation of the hand painted wedding invitation.  Peonies became clean, controlled brushstrokes of color with a focus on shape and fanciful movement. Hard Ink Calligraphy created a custom hand to mimic the spirited nature of our brushstrokes.

Blush and Gray Peony Wedding Invitation Suite The original color palette inspiration…

gray pink and watercolor wedding palette The main invitation featured abstract brushstrokes, swipes, texture and dots of creamy white.  Ranging from sheer and whimsical to creamy and saturated coral tones, this look speak volumes of understand artistry in a modern voice.

Hand Painted Peony Wedding Invitation Love letters….of course…

Munaluchi Bride Magazine Elizabeth Messina I sent over these sweet glitter birds as a last minute touch for each place card.  Beauty.

Glitter Bird Wedding Place Cards And the peony….This technique requires the brush to barely touch the paper…soft and graceful with a controlled hand…

Hand Painted Peony Wedding  Menu One of my favorite images from the shoot…a masterpiece of styling.

Amazing experience that pushed my design to new levels.  Every once in a while a project has that power…the power to edit, restrain, think simply but powerfully.  That is what happened here.

My fellow creatives, Bravo.
Venue -  Villa at Sunstone Winery  ::  Photography – Elizabeth Messina  ::  Hair/Makeup – Erin Skipley  ::  Shoes – Aruna Seth courtesy of Pistol and Stamen  ::  Fashion Styling – Eronmwon Balogun  ::  Assistant Stylist – Laura Wise  ::  Floral Design and Styling – Dolce Designs Studio  ::  Dresses – Claire Pettibone, Ines di Santo, Romona Keveza, Monique Lhuillier  ::  Hair Accessories – Twigs and Honey & Jannie Baltzer  ::  Sashes/Accessories – Desla Couture  ::  Jewelry – Garvey Lundy  ::  Stationery – Kristy Rice of Momental Designs  ::  Calligraphy – Hardink Calligraphy  ::  Production/Produced By – Be Inspired PR  ::  Cake (pink ruffles) – Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach

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It has been a long winter and that says a lot coming from someone who typically loves cold weather.  Don’t get me wrong, I try to see the beauty in all God gives us but sometimes the muddy snow on the side of the street is just plain uninspiring.  Over the years I’ve learned to surround myself with simple things that lift me up.  The past few weeks I’ve been making regular visits to the market to get a little Spring in my home.  Even simple roses are enough to lift my spirits and pull me out of the winter blues.

So curious to see what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks?  Come along then…

My Mom recently had surgery after months of suffering with a rare condition.  All went smoothly so of course we celebrated with dinner, some time spent together and of course flowers.  I painted this juicy Anemone Flower just last night.  So what you ask is juicy when it comes to painting?  This is a word I’ve come to use a lot of the years, a word that when I utter it, The Momental Girls just kind of laugh and look away.

Juicy isn’t just about pigment hitting wet paper and exploding.  Juicy in my mind is the moment where color bursts onto the page but even when dry it still seems to distill that magic moment where watercolor mingles and does its beautiful thing… Not all watercolors are juicy simply because not all watercolors have a vibrant spirit…

Bold Red Watercolor Anemone If you don’t already follow me on Instagram… you might want to!  My newest paintings seem to find their way there and of course other daily randomness.  Matthew Robbins creates these cool #HuntandGather posts daily which inspire me to no end.  Of course I had to design a pattern after this one he posted a few weeks back.

Watercolor Pattern Inspired by Matthew Robbins Designs I’ve become obsessed with Roseville Pottery lately…like really obsessed.  The kind of crazy where I will attend any auction within 50 mils that features even one piece of this chalky hued, sculptural floral pottery.  So I’ve been filling my Roseville collection with blooms and winter greens and painting each…so has begun a series…

These watercolors are certainly not juicy but still have a distinctive mood I love.

Roseville Pottery Painting Series This vase was my Grandmothers…it is a favorite in my collection….

Roseville Pottery and Eucalyptus Sketch Finished…

Blue Roseville Party Watercolor Painting A new one this year from Mom at Christmas….so interesting right?

instagram_art5 Not finished but coming along….

Green Roseville Pottery Watercolor Adore this little round beauty!

Roseville Pottery Artwork These are roses from the market in my Water Lily Roseville Urn….Ahhh the combination of reds, coral, yellow and orange with this Curelean blue??? Amazing and most definitely juicy…

Red Orange Watercolor Roses in Roseville Pottery Recently I created elements for a new Watercolor Peony Pattern…I was really feeling the groove when painting these lovelies even though my reference weren’t the real thing but photos…. A bit of juiciness happening here for sure…

Peach Pink Watercolor Peonies Ohhh the raspberry peony…

Raspberry Watercolor Peony And the two minute peach peony.

Peach Peony Watercolor And the pattern!  Wallpaper anyone?

Peach Pink Watercolor Peony Pattern In December much to my shock and delight (hence the squealing that ensued in the middle of my grocery store) I found these glorious Protea!!

From sketch…

Protea Sketches …to watercolor study…
Watercolor Protea Pink
Watercolor Protea Artwork Lastly for today a few more Anemone Flowers, a yellow Ranunculus and some Hyacinth, all compliments of my local flower guy who feeds my floral cravings…

Red Anemone Watercolor Happy Weekend all!! Go seek some spring!!

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I’ve been waiting a long, long time to share this project with the world.  This funny thing happens in the publishing world…it requires patience – something we all don’t have too much of these days, myself sometimes included.   Having your work featured in a print magazine requires an insane amount of patience but as an artist I have to tell you nothing beats seeing your work on the glossy pages of a national magazine.  Experiencing the evolution of an idea from its original spark to full blown professional images is quite the privilege and I am grateful.  We capped off last week with a sneak peek at our cover editorial for Destination I Do Magazine (on newsstands February 18th)and this week we received word that our Sepia Art Shoot originally created in…wait for it… fall of 2012!!! was on newsstands in the latest issue of Bridal Guide Magazine!  So today I’m finally sharing a peek of our Sepia Wedding Ideas….just a peek though, more to come.

Rose Gold Foil and Watercolor Wedding Invitations Rose Gold Foil and Watercolor Wedding Invitations

I’ve been enthralled with Sepia since college…since the first time I picked up a piece of Sepia hued charcoal for my first figure drawing class.  Its rich tone is neither muddy or heavy but still intense and powerful.  Neither brown nor red, it meets the eye somewhere in the middle of a rosey amber glow that is nothing short of enchanting.  As for photography Sepia conjures images of a bygone era’s slim smiles of women dressed is ruffles and rhinestones.

Pink and Peach Peony Wedding Ideas

Sepia is simply intoxicating in its many shades and forms and this project is dedicated to all its wonder. 

Rose Gold Foil Wedding Place Cards Rose Gold Foil and Watercolor Place Cards

Want to see more of what inspired these Sepia inspired wedding ideas?  Head here to the Pinterest board that started it all!  From Rose Gold finishes and gold flatware to Terracotta textures and creamy hued peonies. this wedding inspiration scene speaks in muted notes of color…sweet, rosey-blush Sepia.

sepia_wedding_ideas2 Can hardly get enough of this foil and watercolor combination!!!

So this is certainly only the beginning of what I have to share but head out and pick up a copy of Bridal Guide Magazine to see for yourself!! XO


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