Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice


A custom pocket featuring the watercolor lemon pattern!



Looking at this invitation, you can almost feel a warm Mediterranean breeze, with a hint of lemon. Carlena’s Watercolor Amalfi Wedding Invitations  is personalized with fuchsia peonies, a hand-cut tag, and a custom map of the area to guide guests to each event of the weekend. Festive watercolor botanicals and lemons accent the  Italian coastal scene.

Kristy’s favorite watercolor pigment makes an appearance as well – Winsor and Newton’s Opera Rose is that luscious pink you see painted into each peony.  We love the bright yellow and Opera Rose combination for sure.  Daring but so worth the experiment in color!


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  1. Rossella

    Hi! Compliments, these invitations are very pretty. we are a group of wedding planners and your location is very wonderful…the colors that you choose represent it perfectly.