Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

After having one of the most amazing weeks of my life, I began reflecting more on 2009 this morning.  I have been surrounded by so many talented friends who have truly rallied around the work done here at the Momental Studio.  I’m a big dreamer and an even bigger doer but those I have met over the last year and their reactions to my work make the experience truly meaningful. After sitting down to write an honest post last August about how my hand painted wedding invitations came to be I was floored by the response.  During the last 6 […]

Sara T.

The Vintage Lacy pattern used here is very subtle and when combined with classic shimmering and textured papers, the look is quite stunning.  Hand-painted pink and sage green inks in the pattern shimmers beautifully.  I created a tailored wrap closure for your ensemble folder (holds all invitation components together). I experimented with my sketchy peony illustration.  Similar papers were used in shades of very soft pink and ivory. Several invitation ideas for you to consider: The look here is classic with a subtle use of our signature Lacy Pattern in white.  Color is incorporated subtly with a beveled border.  All […]

Naazia H.

I experimented with both the Vintage Lacy leaves and Vintage Lacy Original patterns.    You can see the original pattern in it’s early stages from the top right photo!  I LOVE both, very difficult to choose a favorite.  The monochromatic red treatment on the borders is quite dramatic and combines perfectly with your champagne printed layer!

Amy P.

I worked with a soft palette of purples, white and cream.  The multi-layered butterfly features a our signature Vintage Lacy pattern with hand-painted touches and scattered rhinestones.  The butterflies (and one dragonfly) were created from hand-painted watercolor paper! Here is a look at the style of silk box I would recommend plus some color options I thought would work well!  Also a look at the lace paper we discussed.


I added touches of gold to the existing sample.  The pattern is pressed in a shimmering gray which is just lovely.  We can incorporate more gold by printing one of your enclosures on a soft gold cardstock! I created two samples using the Vintage Lacy and Swirls pattern.  Can I just say how much I LOVE this color palette!