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Meet The Team

The Momental Team is made up of lifelong and new friends who share, among other things, several degrees in art and education. Jessica, Kelley, Joy, Steph, Kristen, Steph, Linda and Amanda ensure that each bride feels empowered and delighted by their Momental experience. As professionals, they possess the skill and talent to create exquisite, breathtaking designs. As friends, they understand the importance of the personal touches that transform each finished product into a breathtaking work of art; one that tells a story of life, friendship, and love.

Jessica K.
Artistic, attentive, expressive… Lead Artist. Jessica and I have known each other all our lives. We discovered our mutual passion for art very early on and we were often found knee-deep in paint, props, and papers as we explored the world of color. My love of chili peppers was born out of a painting adventure with Jess, as we spent hours with some rice paper and half the produce section from our local market. Jessica has a degree in fine art with a concentration in painting. Her creativity and flair for all things colorful inspires us daily in the studio.

Kelley N.
Calm, conscientious, creative… Communications Manager. If you call the studio there is a good chance you will have the pleasure of chatting with Kelley. I first met Kelley when I was teaching a handmade paper class at a local art studio. Kelley’s talent was evident from the beginning; so much that she assisted me in hand-painting the aisle runner for my own wedding. Kelley possesses a degree in art education and also has extensive experience in customer service. Her cheerful personality, creativity and innate business sense makes her invaluable to our team.

Joy S.
Detailed, honest, decisive…Production Lead. Joy’s attention to detail and organization is impeccable. Blessed with considerable artistic talent as well, Joy thankfully joined the design side of our team. In high school, we were often found painting the town, quite literally, creating cheerful, seasonal scenes on the windows of local businesses. Joy’s efficiency and reliability are unmatched and lavish hand-painted details are her forte. She was an obvious choice for our team and we are lucky to have her on board.

Steph D.
Artsy, sweet and joyful… Pre-Production Lead. Steph came to Momental with a bubbly and enthusiastic personality and we have never seen it change!  Whether creating new layouts, patterns or editing a couple’s wording Steph is always busy!  Her more modern aesthetic breathes fresh life into the studio and we are grateful!

Jess D.
Unpredictable, funny, artist…Creative Assistant.  Jess’s many skills are always in use at the studio.  If she’s not painting a mini masterpiece on an invitation she is researching new materials, consulting with Kristy on a shoot or ensuring the whole studio is roaring in laughter!

Nikki F.
Organized, efficient and humble…Invitation Artist.  Whether painting a detailed invitation or reviewing a client proof for the third time, Nikki is thorough and reliable.  She usually can be found plugged in to her music, but that tells us she is fully focused on the task at hand!

Linda R.
Loving, mom, remarkable… Mom. Mom has been a part of Momental since it was born as a mere spark of an idea in my head. My mother’s creativity courses through my own veins and has inspired me since I was very small. I will never forget how Mom transformed our tiny guest bedroom into my very first art studio so that I would have a space to explore my talent and hone my skills. She hand-crafted all the silk flower bouquets for my wedding and now creates the sculpted flowers for one of my most striking collections. She has mastered nearly every task needed to keep the studio running smoothly and I feel blessed to have her on the design team. She is gifted at what she does… painting, creating, and helping this little girl to grow up and realize her dream.

Steph S.
Reliable, driven and talented…Studio Manager.  As our studio grew we were lucky enough to find Steph S.  From meticulous hand cutting skills to a varied design background Steph is the go to girl in our studio.

Katie C.
Quirky, dedicated and honest …Invitation Artist.  Katie first came to Momental as an elective Intern, which means she wasn’t gaining credit officially for her time here.  To us that spells DEDICATION!  After graduation she joined our team and brought with her a great sense of design, a true artist’s eye and witty sense of humor…oh and an obsessive love of peanut butter!

Kristen S.
Meticulous, thorough, resourceful… Web Design. Every studio should have a Kristen at least that is what we say around here.  Not only is she a savvy and skillful designer but she is also an expert when it comes to all things technology in the studio.  Kristen handles much of our web design and pattern development.
Harry the Hairless
Harry the Hairless
Our trusted studio mascot.

Photos by Darkershadesofbrown Photography and Jillian McGrath Photography

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