I need my invitations in quickly! Can you help?

Rush orders are certainly welcome!  Once a design is finalized, it typically takes 4 weeks to produce an order, given the hand-made nature of our products, but we do offer expedite options if needed.  Please contact our team with your ideas and desired timeline, so we start you on the way to your dream stationery right away!

Do you have a catalog or stock designs I can choose from?

Momental Designs specializes in completely customized designs, so we would be thrilled to develop brand new artwork just for you!  Feel free to explore our website for inspiration, but you will never be limited to a specific catalog from which to choose.  However, if you do find a design on our website that is just perfect as is, you are welcome to use an existing design if you wish!

How do I place an order?

With your input, the Momental Team will create custom samples your review. Once final selections have been made and design process is complete, we will provide you with an itemized invoice, as well as a proof for your final approval.  After the approval proof has been submitted, production will begin!

Please contact us via phone or email to begin!!!

What is your minimum order?

We have minimum order of $295.00, along with the $295.00 design fee, so essentially, all clients will spend at least $590.00 when working with us.

Do I own the artwork created for my stationery?

No, all artwork used on items purchased is the sole property of Momental Designs and cannot be reproduced or used in any manner without the express written permission of Kristy Rice.

What is the payment schedule and how do I pay?

1. A $295.00 design fee is required to begin the design process and includes creation of up to 5 custom samples, development of new artwork, as well as a welcome kit to begin the design process.

2.  If enclosure cards being designed, we kindly ask for a $295.00 deposit to be placed at this point of the design process (this payment is applied to your final balance).

3.  After all elements of your order are finalized, a 1/2 payment of your balance is required prior to us providing the final proofing documents.

4. The remaining balance is due prior to shipping the order.

Momental accepts all major credit and debit cards via Paypal.  No checks please!

Is the $295.00 design fee applied to my final order?

The design fee is not applied to your stationery invoice, but instead covers the creation of up to 5 custom samples, layout work throughout our design process, the digital proofing method and welcome kit.  The design fee will cover the development of any stationery items related to a single event (i.e. save the dates, invites and day-of accessories).  Momental Designs wants to ensure you have an enjoyable, fully custom design process without having to pay per sample, per artwork creation or per order.

Can I avoid paying the design fee?

Our $295.00 design fee allows for the creation of up to 5 custom samples, as well as the development of new artwork.  However, there are clients who find the perfect design among our existing work, and do not need extensive samples.  In these cases, we can offer a 50% discount to our standard $295.00 design fee.  The full $295.00 is paid at the beginning of the design process with the discount applied to the final invoice when following criteria is met:

-An existing design is chosen and only minor adjustments are made, resulting in the creation of no more than 2 physical or digital samples.
-If embellishments (tags, ribbons, etc.) are desired, they must be designed, proofed and produced simultaneously with the save the date and/or invitation order, within the 2 physical or digital sample limit.

At any point during the design process, please inquire if any edit requests could result in the forfeiture of the discounted design fee.

Do you have a minimum quantity and can accommodate smaller orders?

We do not have a minimum quantity that we require of our clients and we are absolutely happy to accommodate small orders!  However, regardless of order size, all clients will need to place the $295.00 design fee to begin the design process and are required to meet $295.00 for the minimum stationery order.  Therefore, it will be a $590.00 minimum investment when working with Momental Designs.

Will I receive a proof?

Yes, of course!  With Momental Designs you have the choice between a full color PHYSICAL PROOF that is mailed for your review in person ($100, includes domestic UPS Ground shipping) or a detailed DIGITAL PROOF sent via email (free).  A mailed physical proof is hand-crafted individually and takes time, however you will have an exact copy of your invitation in hand for approval. A digital proof features a combination of photos, digital layouts and detailed description of your order. A digital proof is the perfect option if you are pressed for time.

What shipping methods do you use? How do you pack your items?

At Momental Designs, UPS is the preferred shipping choice, which offers several different shipping speeds.  Insurance for the value of the contents is added to all packages.

The Momental Team personally packages every order and extreme care is taken to ensure your items arrive perfectly!

How much will my shipping cost?

Upon placement of your order, we will provide an estimated of shipping and handling cost.  The final shipping costs are calculated based on the weight, dimension and destination of the package, so it is difficult to give exact costs prior to the order being packaged.   As a general guideline, the following UPS ground shipping costs usually apply:

Up to 50 invitation sets – $40.00
50-100 invitation sets – $50.00
100-200 invitation sets – $65.00 and up


Once my order is shipped how long will it take to arrive?

We ship via UPS from our studio in northeastern Pennsylvania.  Time in transit will depend on the shipping speed selected and destination of the package.

See here for specific time in transit via ground shipping.

Do you work with international clients?

Absolutely! We have worked with clients all over the world including the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada, Greece, Hong Kong and beyond. Read More…

How can I determine what I would pay for a certain design?

At Momental Designs, we pride ourselves in being able to work with budgets of all sizes!  Our pricing is based upon the level of hand-painting applied to each piece, as well as the materials and presentation.  You are welcome to not only customize the design, but also customize the elements within your order, so pricing will vary depending on your selections.  For more specific pricing information, please contact us to discuss your ideas and request a custom quote!

How are the stationery pieces hand-painted?

Our designs are usually complex and virtually impossible to hand draw on hundreds of individual pieces.  For most designs, the original artwork is scanned and reproduced onto your chosen cardstock. Hand-painted detailing is added to the printed design. Kristy and Jillian most often use watercolor, shimmer inks, acrylic and gouache.

Do you offer calligraphy?

At Momental Designs, we believe hand calligraphy is an art in itself!  We offer modern (printed) calligraphy and are quite proud of the beautiful results. If you are looking for a traditional calligrapher, please get in touch – we have a few favorites!

Do you offer specialty printing?

Absolutely! While all of our stationery pieces include high quality digital, flat printing, we also offer alternative printing methods for our clients, which include:

  • Thermography (raised glossy ink)
  • Letterpress (depressed)
  • Engraving (raised ink)
  • Foil Stamping (slightly depressed, metallic finish)

How much time is needed to complete an order?

The design process can really vary for each client, and is dependent on the number of samples requested and several other factors.  If you have a specific completion date in mind, we can guide you through the design process in order to accommodate.  Once the design process is complete, please allow four weeks for the production your order.  If you need a faster turn-around, we do have expedite options available.