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What is an enclosure, how do I word my reception card, what should I be including with my invitation set? Here you will find the information needed to make sense of all those pesky little details!


The Response Card
This is a fun and spirited Response option that plays on the traditional function of the card. This bride added a line regarding golfing earlier in the wedding day. Remember, the response card can gather information for several events surrounding the wedding celebration.


The Reception Card
The Reception Card is only needed if the ceremony and reception are taking place at different locations. In the case that the reception and ceremony location are the same, “Celebration to follow” can be used on the invitation itself.


The Directions Card
The Directions Card is also a thoughtful gesture to assist your guests in their planning. If your directions are short enough they can often be included on the reverse side of your accommodations card. Consider your guest list when deciding on which directions to include. Where will most guests be arriving from; the hotel, church, airport?


The Accommodations Card
The Accommodations Card is a thoughtful gesture to assist your guests in their planning. Usually two or three reservation choices are offered at varying price ranges.


The Rehearsal Invite Card
To make your life a bit easier why not include the Rehearsal Dinner Invite with the invitation? You can even include a line on your response card to determine who will be attending the dinner! Simple and easy!


The Hand-Drawn Map Card
Kristy loves to create hand-drawn maps. These enclosure cards usually accompany a directions card. A map is a great way to ensure your guests don’t can navigate an unfamiliar area. This is an especially helpful option if the wedding is taking place in a historically or culturally significant location – what a better way to show off your area!


The Timeline Card
This is Kristy’s favorite enclosure card! This is a great option if you have a lot of out of town guests. The Timeline Card is essentially a visual map of your wedding day! This is also a great option if you need to inform guests of a hospitality room available between the ceremony and reception. Another use for the timeline card includes tying to your welcome bags for each guest as they arrive at their hotel!


The Information Card
This is the “catch all” card to include information that does not quite make sense on any other card mentioned. This enclosure provides a great place to mention your wedding website and travel agent information (destination weddings).


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