Wedding Invitation Embellishments

One of our priorities when designing your hand painted wedding invitation is ensuring guests feel as if they are opening a gift upon receiving your invitation.
Our embellishments do just that, make each invitation feel like the gift they are. What you see here is just the beginning, just the basic ingredients really, to a memorable presentation; art tags, wraps, ribbon, die cut shapes. Imagine how you might combine a few of these elements to craft your perfect embellishment.

Cardstock Wrap and Art Tag

The classic choice to embellish your invitation suite. Cardstock pattern or texture of choice paired with a hand painted art tag. Add scripture, a quote or monogram to personalize the look.

Thick Lace Wrap and Hanging Art Tag

We love lace! Nothing says opulence and sophistication like a layering of lace, satin ribbon and art tag.

Tulle with Tag

Tulle can conjure ideas of weddings past but this presentation is slightly feminine and wholly delicate. A simple art tag is attached for a bit of structure.

Watercolor Wash and Twine Knot

Simple and whimsical; the watercolor wash embellishment paired with twine says it all!

Triple Art Wrap

Three layers of cardstock with a sweet artwork detail makes a modern statement and thoughtful presentation.

Single Art Wrap and Hanging Art Tag

A simpler version of the invitation wrap when you just want that little touch of detail.

Gatefold Ribbon Tag

A slim tag with artwork and hand painting is fastened here with a triple wrapped length of silk ribbon.

Hanging Art Tag with Satin Ribbon

Our signature embellishment with a satin knot and hanging art tag is shown here with a Pocketfold presentation.

Diecut Flower Tag

Sweet and whimsical, any bloom can be fashioned into a perfectly shaped tag. Hanging from a ribbon or affixed to the cover of a folder, the look is elegant but bursting with personality.

Gatefold Diecut Tag

Gatefold invitation presentation mimics the look of window shutters, where the invitation is revealed inside. Here we've painted watercolor strokes and finished the look with a die cut leaf.

Lace Wrap

For those who love the delicate quality of lace, this embellishment is just perfect. Eliminating the need for a folder or pocket, all pieces are secured behind the invitation.

Laser Cut Wrap

Our delicate artwork laser cut from shimmering cardstock, makes for a magical invitation embellishment. Here the look is paired with a wooden folder to hold all invitation pieces.

Organza Ribbon with Round Tag

Simple and sweet. Sheer and slightly shimmering ribbon holds a round tag detailed with artwork.

Painted Silk Ribbon

Our favorite ribbon - silk dupioni with all its texture and richness. Even more delightful is how beautifully the ribbon takes to paint. And so we paint!

Ribbon and Tag

Here we adorn the Ensemble Folder with printed artwork and hand painted highlights. A whimsical tag tied together with ribbon features the knot or bow in the back for subtlety.

Ribbon Wraps

Layering ribbon creates subtle texture and interest and here we adore the combination of satin, silk and organza.

Velvet Bloom with Ribbon

Velvet blooms are available in a rainbow of colors and create the most feminine touch when combined with silk dupioni ribbon.

Wood Tag

We can create wooden tags in any shape. These more substantial details can become a small keepsake for your guests. Imagine when they open this envelope!

Wrap and Tag

Our classic embellishment option featuring a cardstock wrap and art tag.

Rhinestone Buckle

Rhinestone buckles speak of opulence and elegance. When combined with hand painted silk fastened in this simple way, we adore the unfussy presentation.

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