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Someone once taught me to NOT blog, if you couldn’t offer something valuable…so yes, I have take a bit of a hiatus from the RiceInk blog for a while, to invest my attention elsewhere.  Not because I don’t love my readers and love pouring out my heart but because this gal knows her limits.  And, I know you don’t want to read about anything ho-hum.

So as my gradual reentry into blogging I’m pretty jazzed about a particular project in the works.  Imagine…young couple, brand new home, tons of renovations and a very startk, but wicked cool mid-century ruin of an entry.  Enter, bespoke, completely custom, floral wallpaper from Momental.  What an honor.

So we begin the brainstorm…

Artistic Wallpaper Inspiration Plaid Blocks Wallpaper, Toile, Lace, Floral Wallpaper

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A dreamy venue the likes of an old city estate with charm and detail abounding has my painter’s mind reeling with ideas.  Thank you Metropolitan Building in Brooklyn!

Vintage Botancial Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Metropolitan Building Brooklyn, Colors, Watercolor, Peonies and Rosemary, Botanical Watercolor Invitations

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Watercolor Flowers Online Painting Workshop Are you ready to paint flowers with me???  Is it time you dive, in, and just to decide to pick up the paint brush you’ve been dreaming of for so long?   Yes….right?  Okay so, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll be sharing more about my upcoming Watercolor Flowers Online Painting Workshop… but first keep reading :)

I began my artistic life in a cozy and cramped studio on a main street in my hometown.  Surrounding by old paintbrushes, dusty art books, paint spattered furniture and the smell of pigment, I learned beside one of the most passionate artists I know.  Her name is Sue Hand.  Eventually she brought me on as a teaching assistant, where I guided my peers in their painting pursuits.  My college summers were filled leading small classes of eager students wants to learn from me what they could absorb in a few hot, summery weeks of class.  Everything from basic figure drawing and paper-making to wheel thrown pottery and always my favorite, bold watercolor, I developed a passion for people at a very early age.  There is something both exhilarating and intense about teaching another human to discover art.  Bringing a paintbrush and pigment into someone’s life for the first or fiftieth time is a privilege. Watercolor Flowers Online Painting Workshop

Designing invitations for couples feeds a need to interact with people but I’ve missed the learning aspect…the fine art moments of teaching I learned to respect in my early years as an artist. Watercolor Flowers Online Painting Workshop


Watercolor Painting Workshop

– Learn to paint with BOSSA…a certain ———> CONFIDENCE whether it is your first or fiftieth time picking up the brush!

– Discover how to get comfortable with drawing and painting materials you may have never used before.

– Enjoy a drawing exercise that will OPEN your eyes and challenge you to TRULY SEE what you are seeing!

– Enjoy Kristy’s demonstrations of 3 DIFFERENT PAINTING STYLES, working from flower photographs Kristy has taken from her garden

 We’ll meet ONLINE via a sweet video streaming app, that will allow you to see me in action and vice versa!

Watercolor Flowers Online Painting Workshop Watercolor Flowers Online Painting Workshop
Watercolor Flowers Online Painting Workshop


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It has been so insanely difficult to keep this secret since last fall!  Yes, indeed, the team at Momental Designs, designed, painted and produced Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Invitations! Jessica Simpson wed Eric Johnson on July 5th at San Ysidro Ranch in Southern California.  People Magazine recently covered the story with a lovely 9+ page spread of the entire event, orchestrated by celebrity event planner, Mindy Weiss!

Soon I’ll be able to bring you a bit more detail on all the patterned loveliness we created throughout for menus, table numbers, place cards and then some!

For now you’ll have to enjoy the scans from People Magazine!

Jessica Simpson Wedding Invitations
If you read the People Magazine story, you likely noticed the inspiration for Jessica Simpson’s Wedding….We began with the invitations….Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Invitations featured various exclusive watercolor patterns, gold foil printing and lovely calligraphy by Kelle McCarter of Designs Girl.    Each of Simpson’s wedding invitation was individually hand painted and all edges were torn to resemble the famous wallpaper scene in the modern adaptation of Great Expectations, starring Ethan Hawke and Gwenyth Paltrow.

Torn Wallpaper Scene from Great Expectations
A closer look at Simpson’s Wedding Invitations…Notice the main invitation on the right features hand watercolored washes…no two were alike!

Jessica Simpson's Wedding Invitations

A peek at the table design with our menu, place cards and table numbers! Jessica Simpson's Wedding
And a few screen shots from Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Video on People.com

The seating card envelopes with alternating hand painted patterns…

Jessica Simpson Wedding Details
Such an honor to be part of this incredible team!!


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Momental for Palomas Nest
It is with great excitement that we are introducing our long-awaited collaboration with the masterful artists from Paloma’s Nest, Caroline and José Vásquez.

Tiny Text Bowl Hand Painted Palomas Nest
Debuting this week at  Engage!14 -a luxury wedding industry symposium-with the sample tiny text bowls shown above, our collaboration will be titled Momental for Paloma’s Nest: Timeless Heirlooms…Painted!

Hellebore Tiny Text Bowl from Palomas Nest
The collection will include three styles of the iconic Ring Bearer Bowl, each with a different phrase or text; each phrase will feature one of our meticulously hand painted designs- floral, wash, or pattern.

Stay tuned to see them in both shops beginning on June 23!

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It has been a while since my thoughts have run to this blog.  Normally this is a place where I share and gather ideas and mark days by the beauty we create.  With the weeks whirling by, the studio work has mounted, life has been lived but somehow I haven’t felt the drive to share.  Making conscious decisions these days to just be, just make, just live for the sake of each, without a need to put it all out there.  So friends I’m back, with a smidge of a new perspective and another epic invitation project under my belt.  Today I’m dreaming of a long few days of doing whatever feels good and thankful for the courage to say “no” in order to make room for those days.

A peek into Theresa’s invitation suite project seems appropriate.  For her a variety of quiet, super mindful design moments mingle to create a ton of wow factor.

rose gold and blind letterpress weddidng invitations

Blind letterpress of my sketched floral pattern and the enchanting hand of Julie Song Ink.

rose gold foil wedding invitations
Rose gold foiland a version of the same floral pattern on each invitation’s back.

rose gold foil wedding invitations
floral pattern wedding invitation Hand painted washes and spatter….nothing better.

rose_gold_blind_letterpress_invitations5 So what am I up to?

Wrapping up a VIP invitation project…can’t wait to share more!

Just back from a working vacation in Utah…follow along on Instagram!

Waiting impatiently for our peonies to bloom!! XO

But godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Timothy 6:6-8

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