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It has been a while since my thoughts have run to this blog.  Normally this is a place where I share and gather ideas and mark days by the beauty we create.  With the weeks whirling by, the studio work has mounted, life has been lived but somehow I haven’t felt the drive to share.  Making conscious decisions these days to just be, just make, just live for the sake of each, without a need to put it all out there.  So friends I’m back, with a smidge of a new perspective and another epic invitation project under my belt.  Today I’m dreaming of a long few days of doing whatever feels good and thankful for the courage to say “no” in order to make room for those days.

A peek into Theresa’s invitation suite project seems appropriate.  For her a variety of quiet, super mindful design moments mingle to create a ton of wow factor.

rose gold and blind letterpress weddidng invitations

Blind letterpress of my sketched floral pattern and the enchanting hand of Julie Song Ink.

rose gold foil wedding invitations
Rose gold foiland a version of the same floral pattern on each invitation’s back.

rose gold foil wedding invitations
floral pattern wedding invitation Hand painted washes and spatter….nothing better.

rose_gold_blind_letterpress_invitations5 So what am I up to?

Wrapping up a VIP invitation project…can’t wait to share more!

Just back from a working vacation in Utah…follow along on Instagram!

Waiting impatiently for our peonies to bloom!! XO

But godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Timothy 6:6-8

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7 Responses to “A Peek into the Studio – Rose Gold Foil and Blind Letterpress Floral Wedding Invitations”
  1. Corinna says:

    These are absolutely fabulous and I would have loved something similar for my own wedding back in 2008. I kept the invitations simple but even as a keepsake, something like this would be fantastic to have. How creative and talented you are!

  2. They’re the best invitations I’ve ever seen! The foil with the hand painted wash just magic!

  3. Nice and great post information.

  4. super gorgeous work! the watercolor washes make it just that much more unique and beautiful.

  5. Meggy Wolff says:

    This might just be my favourite one yet!

    Oh Kristy. I feel like a broken record, but you truly do inspire me.


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