Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Jess is a DIY girl at heart.  From lace bunting to quirky signage built by the groom, this wedding will be full of hand crafted moments.  FiftyFlowers.com offered to help out a bit with Jess’s blooms as have I!  I tried my hand at floral design back in 2010 to celebrate the hubby and my 10 year renewal.  Mom and I plucked and pruned over 500 stems and now consider ourselves accomplished novices of the art.  So two Thursday’s from now, I will be knee deep in flowers, prepping all the flora for this Momental Girl’s Wedding! I use the […]

I’m not sure I’ve ever introduced you to my Unkie.  My great uncle Aaron, who passed years ago, was like a grandfather to me and the entire family called him Unkie, for a reason I never knew.  Growing up he encouraged my every aspiration, took me on picnics and taught me to appreciate what he called “yemin yellies” (those yellow lilies that grow everywhere in PA from May to October).  His nickname for me even through high school was peaches.  I never knew why, but secretly loved it. In college, Unkie mailed me at least one handwritten letter a week, […]

“She’s a good girl and he’s a genuinely good guy who loves her so much…”   These words, from Carolynne and Mark’s photographer describe this sweet couple perfectly.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to share this wedding.  A humid day in Pennsylvania where the air is thick with late summer seems in need of  a little light and fresh…these wedding images from Paula O’Hara, are just what we need today. From the Bride: What was your inspiration or your colors and/or theme? I wanted my overall wedding to be elegant, soft & romantic. With a slightly modern take […]