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It’s been a bit since I’ve shared the latest leaving the studio but today I promise to make up for lost time.  We’ve been painting away the last few months and are blown away by the color palettes and creativity of our couples.  Fall is in the air and our paintbrushes are full of rich inks for the season!

Christine’s deep purple anemones, dahlias and berries combined to create a richly textured bouquet.  A touch of crimson balances the look just perfectly. Have a look here to see how her design evolved!

Saturated eggplants cardstocks are the main attraction in this suite but kept from seeming too dark by the gold and ivory paisley layer.

Stephanie’s classic Vintage Lacy Pattern took a fall spin with a touch of navy and lace.  Two shades of persimmon were painted into the Lacy blooms along with shimmering sage leaves.

The sweet simplicity of this suite is refreshing.

Sandy had us create a Deco/Nouveau inspired pattern to frame her stylish layout.  Pretty painting in olive, blush and silver create a curious palette.

Love the text treatments here, such a sophisticated use of font.  We can thank our graphic designer Steph for this one!

So what am I up to? 

Working on some newness with my friends at Envelopments!!

Finalizing a big reveal of my newest artwork during Bridal Market in October!

Working with some of my favorite photographers Jillian and Ryan McGrath on some images from Jess’s wedding shower a few weeks ago!

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Valerie E.

August 29, 2012

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Last week was peppered with the painting of two very floral bouquets.  Both of our couples adored a blushy-pink color palette and a mix of classic blooms like Ranunculus, Peach Amaryllis and Garden Roses.  First up was Kaitlin’s bouquet…with the lovely Pieris added to the mix.

The original was quite vibrant so when it came time for Kaitlin’s invitation sample I toned down the palette a bit with a more muted over-painting in shades of peach, blush and sage greens…  My Trellis Pattern with Envelopments was added to give a subtle and sophisticated shimmer and texture to the layering.

Next was David and Rachel’s bouquet with the addition of Ivory Wax Flower, Chocolate Cosmos, Blush Camelia, Peach Dahlia and deep red winter berries.  It all began with the softest watercolor washes and pencil lines…

I’m in love with the Cosmos…ah and those Camelias!

Again I toned down the original painting’s vibrancy with creamy peach brushstrokes lending a vintage postcard feel to the whole look.  Envelopments’ Pink Repousse pattern with it’s nubby texture just adds a luxe flair.

Thanks to Kaitlin and Rachel for inspiring two new paintings I am proud to add to our collection!  XO

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Fran P.

August 23, 2012

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There is something effortless about these images.  These shots feel like Brad and Jess woke up one morning and decided to take a walk to hug, love and goof around. They just happened to do it all with Amber around.   Nothing overdone, nothing too contrived, just simple beauty captured on the hottest of summer days.  The wedding is coming up lightening fast and September 22nd, we know, will be here in a flash.  With the wedding looming it is even more poignant to see these images today…to inspire a sense of slow-down, to bring it all back to basics.

I’ve been hanging out with Brad and Jess at the studio the last few nights as they assemble their incredible invitations.  As I sit and work, these two are doing their thing, just being them.   They are made for each other in every way imaginable.  What you see in these images is all them…all real.

The hug-gy shot below is my fave.

Photography – ADG Photography  ::  Location – Harteis Horse Farm (Private)


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Anise M.

August 22, 2012






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Jillian H.

August 22, 2012

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