Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

I’ve been admiring WedLuxe magazine since…well, a long time.  When their editor contacted me to collaborate on a unique project,  I nearly fell over.  Well no, not really but I did seriously drop everything and reply immediately! A moody story emerged as Angela described the famed photographer Fred Fraser who would capture everything on a centuries old camera.  She spoke of expert stylists who were to select every Art Nouveau-esque detail from head to toe and then… she asked me to paint.  Magic words, I never tire of hearing – Kristy would you paint something for us?  Yes, yes, always […]

A graphite and green palette for a Napa wedding says modern and organic.  Can hardly wait to start designing this couple! Jose Villa in Napa, Vineyard, Landscape Illustration Custom Wedding Invitation,  Wine Barrels, Papers

Instinct reigns in my life and not so much out of my natural inclinations but more-so a product of my life over the last 5 years.  Regardless of the root of my instinctive nature, I am grateful.  Admittedly though, my need to make things efficient gets me into some trouble.  This weekend, while making our family-famed Anise cookies my instinct was pushing me to discover the quickest way to navigate the icing of 400+ cookies.  Not so much the point of enjoying a quiet afternoon with my Mom carrying on a family tradition, however I digress.                                                          Sweet Mom and […]

Fresh off the phone with Juliana and the ideas are abuzz.  A sophisticated palette of bold blues and muted creams mingle with a delicate and romantic Seaside inspired pattern… The Ritz Carlton Dona Point, Papers, Orchid Swirl Wedding Invitations

If you follow my blog regularly you might know that Mom and I love to dabble with flowers.  From our 10 Year Renewal Celebration to my best friends shower and wedding, we indulged in blooms from on of our favorites FiftyFlowers.com!  So many questions have come in from curious brides wondering how it all works; is DIY’ing flowers a good idea, and how to prep the blooms for longevity.  So in response I partnered with FiftyFlowers.com to create a 3 series post answering many of your questions.  Today you will hear from me and the FiftyFlowers.com team about how to choose […]