Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

The studio revamp is underway.  Soon we will be knocking down walls and rearranging every last inch of this space.  Demolition is not my forté although I must admit that taking a sledgehammer swing to a few walls has a certain allure.  Regardless, I have been swimming around in a sea of inspiration, studying other artists’ studio spaces and homes to try and put a finger on the pulse of how I how to create a space that feels like home.  I’ve collected vintage frames for years. and use them whenever I can.  They seem to instantly add texture and […]

A few weeks ago I met Elsa.  Not in person but it certainly felt like a face to face encounter since the tone and text of Elsa’s blogs seem to reach out to me like a long lost friend.  Elsa Mora is a true artist.  You might have heard me use the phrase before so let me explain…  A true artist:  an individual whose every move, make and mood speaks of their art.  They embody their expression with each step they take, however mundane.  True artists in my book, make lots of something out of nothing and never wait for […]