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Adaeze K.

July 29, 2011

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Amy and Stephen’s Painted Bottle Wedding Invitations.

After a long, good day of making pretty I sit here in my hotel room reliving the last 12 hours.  So many laughs, hugs, surprises and it is still days before Amy and Stephen‘s wedding.   With flowers arriving, hair appointments looming and speeches to write I needed to stop for a moment, breathe for a moment and attempt to freeze time, if just for a moment.  If this day flew by so quickly how can I help Amy soak it all in and enjoy all the wonderful large and small moments to come?

I will thank her.

Amy is a curious girl and a lifetime of knowing her is like living in an adventure novel.  Never a dull moment, but in every good way you could imagine.  This girl, my best friend has lived her life with more passion and sincere kindness than anyone I have known.  Never selfish, quick to judge and ever thoughtful in all facets with a smile on her face. She is someone I strive to be more like.  In so many ways all I have done to decorate and paint pretty into her day (Stephen’s too) has been my way of saying thank you.  Thank you Amy, for being you and teaching me how to be a better me.

When thinking of Amy I always seem to return to the words of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of our beloved story collection Anne of Green Gables.

“Life is worth living as long as there’s a laugh in it.” – Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

So this post is for you Amy.  I am honored to help bring this celebration to life, humbled by our friendship and thankful for you in my life.  I can’t wait to see you laugh and smile on Saturday.  XOXO

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Marisa T.

July 27, 2011

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Jessica P.

July 27, 2011

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Monica R.

July 27, 2011

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Kiah H.

July 27, 2011

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So here we are 4 days before My Best Friend’s Wedding and what does she do… decide to rent parasols?!?!  Now normally a last minute decision like this would send this Matron of Honor into a tailspin but then she forwarded the Bella Umbrella website.  So needless to say we fell in love and there are 5 lovelies heading to MD for this Saturday.  Of course I just had to interview the ladies over at Bella.  Read on for more on the curious story of how all these parasols came to be!

Amber French Photography

How did Bella Umbrella begin?

As a soon to be bride and floral designer, Jodell wanted to do something distinctive instead of renting a traditional white tent for her outdoor wedding ceremony. She procured 75 vintage umbrellas for her guests in the event there were showers on her wedding day. Each guest would be offered a beautiful umbrella from the 1920’s – 1940’s. Later the umbrellas would create a brilliant backdrop to the happy day. It was the beginning of a beautiful marriage in more ways than one.

Continuing to collect umbrellas, Jodell launched the Bella Umbrella website in 2001. Her personal collection of close to 500  vintage umbrellas is now available to rent to brides all over the country.

What is your favorite parasol or umbrella and why?

Jodell has a private collection of her favorite and rarest umbrellas.   But within the rental collection we are loving #1300 right now. It’s in beautiful condition and the navy blue with white polka dots is such a classic look!

Photography by Thomasina

Azzura Photography

What is the most sought after parasol for brides?
Anything vintage in ivory with ruffles is always popular! But recently we are starting to see more brides use color for their own umbrella. It definitely makes a statement.

You mention unique decor ideas involving umbrellas on your blog.  Can you share the most innovative idea you have seen involving your parasols?
We’ve had a lot of brides use the umbrellas a décor, hanging from the ceiling or rafters. Also as centerpieces on the tables. But we especially loved photos from an event where the umbrellas were hung from the ceiling in the shape of a chandelier. They looked amazing!

Hope you enjoyed reading along.  I can hardly wait to carry my very own parasol soon…So Jodell, when do we have the pleasure of seeing your private collection?

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