Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

‘Tis the Season to get crafty!  So, several weeks ago I rounded up the Momental Girls and gave each a thick piece of creamy natural stock with their names printed in my newest font obsession, Roadkill.  Hanging stockings at the studio had never been so artful until then!  My only direction was for them to make the card scream their personalities in paint, paper and embellishment.  So here is a look at each Momental Girls’ stockin – which is your favorite?  Mine?  Jessica’s paper cut and painted tree, but then Jess’s sketchy swirls are cute and Kelley’s sweet painted floral […]

Several months ago I received word that our sweet couple Jill and Kevin’s wedding was set to be featured in The Knot, GA.  We were so thrilled as Jill has the loveliest sense of detail and design and was a sheer joy to work with.  Jill’s celebration spot, Bent Tree in Jasper, Georgia gave the couple all the inspiration needed to craft a wow wedding with the fabulous Ashley Baber by their side.  We asked Jill to give us a little peek into her day, so here goes! What was your inspiration for your colors and/or theme? We wanted to […]

I love emails from Aleah of Valley and Co.  Aleah and Nick are a husband/wife event styling and planning duo with a veritable creative waterfall of ideas that always seems to be flowing.  The latest project from this team is a collection of our Signature Painted Paper Bouquets.  The Bride is marrying on New Year’s Day and the look is all about modern glam.  Shimmer and satin finishes, a bit of rhinestone and crisp whites will combine to create a glamorous and sexy affair. Mom and I are beyond thrilled to dive into this project.  Our Sculpted Bloom bouquets are […]

I am fresh off the phone with a new couple and feeling full of joy and ready to pick up the brush.    Spanish inspired scroll work is my muse for a new painting this week.  The board below begins to tell the story of a sophisticated design full of artful personality soon to come to life.  Grateful for new conversations and fresh ideas today. Scrolls, Architecture, Gown,  Paper