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I tweeted this on Monday:

“2011 planning continues this week. My go to words this year: RE-DEFINE, GRACE, PAINTERLY, NARRATE. What are yours?”

Then Michelle from Sage Wedding Pros tweeted this and my head has been spinning ever since:

What is your INTENTION for 2011?

This year has gone by faster than any other in my life.  To say this year was full of changes, landmarks and hurdles is an understatement.  All good, moving-forward type changes though.  The kind any good life lead needs.  Moving into 2011 I am forever mindful of 4 distinct intentions:

1. We get only so far doing things as we have always done them.  RE-DEFINEition is the key to growth.

Alchemy at the Barn  shoot. Read more here, here and here.

2. Creative endeavors are at their finest when approached with a measure of GRACE.

I love to travel and each year I look forward to the Engage Events.  Sketching this year’s speakers was an honorSketching the event live allowed me to really soak it all in.

3. Painting is at the core of what we do.  The PAINTERLY the better this coming year is where it’s at.

The Inspired Invitation collaborations with Jen and Green Wedding Shoes this year were a thrill!  Read more here, here and here!

4. NARRATEing is the heartbeat of my life.  I tell stories in paper, paint and prose everyday; stories of life, love and passion.  Here’s to another year of living mindfully everyday

Several trips to Utah this past year gave me a certain peace and verve for creating new art.  Read more here, here and here!

Lastly as I launch into 2011 I need to say thank you to so many.  This journey is laden with people who make each step easier, more enlightened and full of fun.  For those of you who read along everyday and give encouragment with your sweet comments, I thank you too.  You support mean so much, everyday.  Cheers!!

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Kara W.

December 29, 2010

The studio is buzzing over your super simple watercolor design.  We create a simple mountain motif and floated color into the sky by hand!

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Sara C. and Eric S.

December 29, 2010

SO excited about this design!  You really feel like you are in the Redwood Forest!

The new paper choices give the look such a crisp and fresh feel!

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Hermary M.

December 29, 2010

Decisions, decisions :)

The flowers work well on the tag, but I might suggest adding more for better symmetry.  Thoughts?

Love the drama of the larger artwork!

I loved creating this sketchy interpretation of your venue!  Very clean and crisp!

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In November Katie Martin, the super stylish gal behind Eco Beautiful Weddings Magazine asked me to create a collection inspired by cotton.    Her directions were simple;  make it Eco-friendly (of course) and use the colors yellow and blue.  I like to surprise people.  It is a secret delight for me to shock a bit.  We are known for our lavishly hand painted, romantic floral artwork where fussiness reigns and shimmer and sheen are paramount.  What many don’t know is that the Momental team is filled with young women bearing varied talents and differing aesthetics.  Steph and I worked on this cotton collection together – a true collaboration of two artists with very different sensibilities.  Steph, the young, modern voice brought an editing eye to the project while my painterly style gave the pieces a certain Momental quality. Mom stitched her heart out and the rest is history.

Papers were in mustard and three shades of rich blue.  A pretty pocket was crafted of reclaimed book pages.  The book, a how to wreath making tutorial, provided lovely images of botanical elements to compliment our set perfectly.  White thread was loosley tied as binding for the all inclusive Field Guide.

Various stiches appear throughout the collection.  These mingled with freehand watercolor brushstrokes lend a certain casual spirt overall.  The pieces are mindfully edited to boast the perfect balance of stitch and stroke. My pencil sketch of the cotton branch was painted in white and watery shades of amber.

We were honored to create this collection and are so thankful to Katie for inviting us to join in Eco-Beautiful’s Anniversary issue!  Want to read the full story on the cotton collection?

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Wishing you a very merry Holiday filled with engaging conversation, fond memories, bright color, fuzzy slippers, and warm cookies… May you take mindful moments to reflect on this past year; cherish moments passed and reflect on those still to come.  May you breathe in each moment and see with new eyes, all the life around you.

“Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” – Wayne Dyer

Images courtesy of Amanda Brooke Photography

A little peek from our Momental Christmas Celebration!  Want to see the full story?  Check out the feature over at The Bride’s Cafe!

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Stella H.

December 23, 2010

We had a blast bringing this first flip book sample to life!!

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