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I have been painting since birth it seems.  Well, really not since birth of course but art is in my blood.  From the age of 5 or 6 I can remember making pine cone wreaths with Mom and sculpting little critters with friends.  In grade school I began art lessons with a local mentor and grew with her to eventually becoming an art instructor throughout my college years.  My hands were always dirty with paint, clay, ink or something shimmery and this still holds true today! After 8 years of creating hand painted, handmade wedding invitations I was looking for a way to share more of myself. A new friend in the industry emailed recently with just the nudge I needed, thank you Liene!

So…..Go Paint, Go Draw is a new series that I hope will bring all you budding artists out from the shadows!  Whether you are a bride looking for interesting ways to incorporate sweet little details here and there or a fan of the blog who simply wants to learn a bit more about painting and drawing, this series is for you!   I will be sharing easy tips to recreate some of our most beloved yet simple and fast painting techniques.  A drawing lesson from time to time will certainly be part of the mix and of course feel free to request anything you might like me to share!

So onto the first painting lesson!  Recently a collection of our stationery pieces were featured as part of the “California Luxe” team’s work as seen on Martha Stewart’s The Bride’s Guide.  The painted stripe place card as seen here is the technique we will be re-creating today.

WATCH THE VIDEO and follow along step by step…

One/Materials – We use custom mixed shimmer inks but you can find a starter set of a similar variety to include copper, silver and gold at any Michael’s or A.C Moore. A #4 Watercolor brush is my favorite for this project and of course add a small container of water, paper towels for blotting and a few sheets of scrap paper to keep the table clean!  The place cards can be printed at home or at any local print shop, they will also cut them for you!

Two/Paint – Use your #4 brush and begin by dipping brush in 1st color.  Paint a stripe about 1/2 inch in from the right.  Rinse brush and paint a stripe of water next to the first paint stripe.  Now dip brush in your 2nd color and repeat with water and color brushstrokes until you have one of each color stripe painted on the card.  The strokes of water in between color strokes are meant to help the colors bleed together and create that juicy watercolor look.   The video repeats the painting technique twice but keep in mind there is really no wrong way to paint these stripes, just have fun!  Important tip…blot your brush on paper towels in between each paint or water dip.

Three/Tap – Once painting is complete tap the card lightly against the table to give the look that dripping effect.  The tapping motion will help the colors continue to blend and wash together.  Set cards aside to dry for at least 5 minutes. You can check dryness by lightly patting the surface with your finger, press down and lift your finger straight up to ensure any wet paint isn’t smudged.

Four/Display – After drying the cards can be mounted to folded tent cards or left flat for hanging etc.  Have fun!!

Last but not least is a fun GIVEAWAY to launch the new Go Paint/Go Draw Series!  So comment on this post and tell us what inspires you most everyday OR why you want to learn to paint and/or draw.  One winner will be chosen at random to receive the following:

– Betty Edward’s Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain original edition.  This book was my artistic Bible growing up and can teach, ANYONE how to master some basic drawing skills.
– A collection of my favorite drawing and painting tools.  A #4 paintbrush, HB Drawing Pencil, Rubber Eraser and a black fine point Sharpie pen.
– A Windpower sketchbook from Strathmore.
– A $15.00 I Tunes Gift Card to help you get in the artistic mood and stay inspired!

Contest deadline is Saturday December 11th at 12 noon!  Good Luck!

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Well it is that time again, when we are all racing around to find the perfect gift for each person on our list.  I personally am a fan of finding the useful but unusual.  I also attempt to draw out the artist in each gift I give…so this year my gift guide is full of some favorites:

Spongeables Pedi-Scrub – Okay so certainly not the most romantic gift,  I know but an essential for anyone on your list who is likely to stand, run, walk or pamper – so pretty much anyone :)  I tend to buy these in bulk because I am too afraid to go without one in my shower!!  Every lady on my list this year is receiving a Pedi-Scrubber!

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain – This book was my artistic bible growing up and came as a gift from my mentor Sue Hand.  Betty Edward’s simple text and instruction can teach anyone how to draw.  She teaches us how to really see….shapes, shadows, color etc.  Now who wouldn’t want to really see the world?

David Stark Design is on my book wishlist this year.  If you remember this post from earlier in the year you will certainly want to add this title to your yours!

Yellow Hobnail Cakestand (from the new My Sweet and Saucy supply store) is the just right color to suit most any decor and the sweet hobnail detailing can transition from modern, clean designs to lush and romantic.  Pile high with sweets or build up with vintage books and photo frames; either way this cakestand is sure to become a statement piece in any home!

Candy Darling Emmanuele from Kate Spade …the name says it all.  This bag is sweet, modern and stylish but just fussy enough to excite the romantic in all of us.  Let’s hope the hubby is reading…

Fuji’s Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera was a surprise addition to the list this year but our fresh eyes and more recent addition to the studio, Steph turned me onto the intimate vibe of Polaroids and I have been intrigued ever since.  This little white wonder is simply perfect for the photo taker on your list!

Ethel’s Chocolate is legendary here at the studio.  Based in Las Vegas this Chocolatier is all about artfully gourmet confections and will certainly wow any chocolate lover on your list!

Check out last year’s gift list too!

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Diana C.

November 24, 2010

So pretty!

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Phyllece D.

November 24, 2010

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You may have followed my cryptic tweets and update a month or so ago about a top secret project I had the honor of being a part.  Finally, I am able to share some behind the scenes details from the “California Luxe” shoot recently featured on Martha Stewart’s The Bride’s Guide!!  Working with  Jose Villa and having that work featured under the powerhouse wedding name of Martha Stewart is for a Momental Girl very much like well, unlike any experience I could have imagined in my career to date.  The shoot was assembled by the lovely Leila and Cortnie.  A team of incredible talent and those I believe are shaping the future of the industry, were brought together in the spirit of collaboration and creating good art.

The call came only about 5 days before the shoot was scheduled in Los Angeles and I had to jump, literally I think…from excitement first!  I spent nearly 8 hours in design development and sketching.  The illustrations were to be detailed and meticulous but still with a friendly and unpretentious spirit.  Each item created from the silk folio invitation and response card to the seating and dessert cards all featured a series of  designs sketched especially for this project.  Pencil was used on the originals to give the drawings a certain texture.  Finger smudges, yes that’s right,  were mindfully used in certain spots to give the artwork a smoky, moody feel.

A fishnet pattern inspired my here with graphic flowers drawn here and there…a simple suggestion of berries added a much needed sense of whimsy and movement to the sketch.  Detailed shading in places added depth and refinement.

More dense pencil lead (producing a  finer line quality) was used to create this sketched twist on a monogram element.  Stylized leaves and circles with subtle crosshatching were drawn to create an “m”.  Here the artwork embellished a simple ceremony program in shimmery silver, all tied with a copper silk ribbon.

The day before my pieces shipped I worked closely with Cupcakes Couture to ensure the dessert stationery and cupcake wraps all flowed perfectly.   Cortnie found sweet little greyhound drink stirrers which inspired my hand drawn doggie pattern used as a quirky and unexpected envelope liner!

Each place card featured a very simple croshatch, still pencil sketched but classic and clean.

Honored to be a part of the WOW team!

Shoot production and coordination –  Leila from Be Inspired PR
Photography –  Jose Villa
Event Design and Styling –  Cortnie from Canvas and Canopy
Florals and Styling – Carissa from JL Designs
Venue –  Shade Hotel, Manhattan Beach
Props – Renee from OC Prop Girl
China, flatware and dog pins – Jason from Small Masterpiece
Desserts – Cupcakes Couture
Stationary – Kristy from Momental Designs
Hair/makeup – Erica from 1011 Makeup
White “Ottoman” Linen: Wildflower Linens
Dresses, jewelry and accessories – Stylish silhouette
Models –  Troy and Aimee Grover

Next week I will be starting a new series where I teach you how to create some  lovely art like that which we craft at the studio.  If you have ever dreamed of taking art lessons, tune in soon!  First up in the new series will be a lesson in hand painted seating cards like those seen here!  Psst… I have a very special giveaway all lined up just perfect for any budding artists out there!

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We had to take a moment to make our predictions for William and Kate’s wedding color palette.  Kate’s style is both understated and eclectic with a nod to classic refinement.  The stunning sapphire Issa dress in silk jersey was a statement in understated elegance that we think has set the stage for this couple’s wedding aesthetic.  According to People Style Watch online, the London-based fashion label has become the Brit’s go-to designer of choice over the years, thanks to her love of their elegant wrap dresses and glamorous evening gowns.

For a “Royal Look” TACORI suggests this 3ct Oval Sapphire ring from the Dantela Collection.

Tacori’s oval sapphire stunner with all its sparkle and shine was certainly our inspiration….Our prediction for the Royal Wedding color palette is a soft, subtle combination of slate, champagne, textured whites and a touch of ivory.  Perhaps we might see a bit of sparkle too?  Girls can dream right and the Momental Girls have spoken: an invitation fit for a Royal Wedding would certainly include hand painted swirls and a petite Swarovski Crystal buckle all dolled up in a silk presentation folio.

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Earlier this week I shared details from Jaime and Tom’s classically detailed wedding in Ireland.  Today includes a look at the cake, stationery and stunning reception!

Each invitation featured a stunning palette of ecru, eggplant and taupe.  The abbey sketch by our Jessica, was hand painted with shimmery sage inks!

Jessica’s sketch at the top left.


How did your stationery play a role in the wedding?

The custom-illustrated stationery (invitations and coordinating thank you notecards) set the tone for an elegant and romantic destination wedding in Ireland, featuring historic architecture and Irish symbolism.It was known that many of the invitees would be unable to travel such a distance for the wedding, so the invitation illustrated historic Holy Trinity Abbey in Adare, Ireland…the site of the wedding…giving the invitees a peek at the setting. For a brief moment, the invitee could imagine being there.

For those guests who attended, the stationery triggers fond memories of a special trip.

Tell us about the one thing you would not change about the wedding, and what is the one thing you would change if you could?

Can’t think of anything that would be changed…it was magical! (Might have added Save the Date Cards from Momental Designs!…Found Momental Designs AFTER the Save-the-Date cards were sent out!)

Brosnan Photography

A huge thank you to Sharon, Jaime’s Mom for working with us on every last detail to ensure her daughter’s stationery was simply perfect!

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