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When Leila Khalil of Be Inspired PR asked if I could create her bridal shower invitations, I jumped at the chance.  Why with a good friend as a flower and event designer and great style herself I knew this would be a fun project.  Carissa from JL Designs and  Courtney from Joyful Events sent along the design inspiration, some font preferences and the rest as they say, was history.

If you want to see all the lovely details from the shower, and I am sure you do you, check out what Jen, Carissa, Courtney and Leila herself had to say.  Details not to be missed are the custom scent bar and Pinkberry spread – unbelievable.

Jessica Claire was the day’s photographer and I was honored to have my pieces captured by such an artist alongside some other paper details by Olive Hue Paper.  Love the “L is for…” concept.  Fun!

I chose the sketchy peony after hearing about all the peony blooms incorporated into the event.  The fluid nature of this artwork is balanced well by the bold and clean nature of the font Carissa and Courtney chose.  A lowercase handwriting style font added to the mix was a needed touch of flourish.

Each peony was hand painted using a large brush and water thinned shimmery apricot ink.  The painting technique was fast but instinctive by layering the color in various thicknesses.  The color collected in shimmery pools throughout the design and gave each invitation a subtle personality all its own.

A striped watercolor effect was used to create the outer border of each invitation finished by a solid pale peach shimmer stock.

Still drying!

A big thank you to Carissa and Courtney for bringing me in on the fun!

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Kristyne B.

July 28, 2010

I just adore this stationery collection, the color palette is so soft and pretty.  Everything is coming together beautifully!

Angel is so cute, she has become a studio favorite!


The version with the pattern paper is my favorite!  The soft peach and ivory palette is so gorgeous.


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It has been a while since my last Peek into the Studio but hopefully these three designs will make up for the absence!  My Versailles swirl created for a client nearly two years ago has truly taken on a life of its own since then.  Originally inspired by an aerial view of Versailles Gardens,  the swirl illustration lends itself to a variety of add-ins that truly personalize the look for a wide variety of projects.

Kim’s swirl pattern incorporated several gold Fleur de Lis throughout the pattern.  An uncommon combination of gold and silver was balanced her by a strong cobalt blue shimmer cardstock border.

Stephanie’s swirl in shades of yellow, apricot and silver was topped with a peachy rose bloom as the focal point.

Nellie chose this swirl look highlighted with elegant peacock feather details.

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Thanks so much for following along my behind the scenes look at my Alchemy at the Barn shoot.  If you missed the first two posts, check here and here!  Creepy was a word that continually entered my mind when designing this table.  I know, I know…creepy…for a wedding concept?  Something Colin Cowie said at Engage 10 recently, replays in my mind and I paraphrase; when planning an event, you want to keep your guests on the edge of comfort.  Now certainly Mr. Cowie did not mean seat guests at rigid chairs and serve cold food.  I think what he meant instead is to shock guests a bit and keep them guessing as to what is coming next.    There is a certain impact that shock, surprise and the unknown hold for event planning and decor.  My thoughts exactly.

My pen and ink illustrations of Scabiosa, ladybugs and pheasant feathers were highly detailed and loaded with textures.  I purposely avoided an overly cutesy or whimsical aesthetic.

I adore this shot.  A weather worn door as low table, complete with doorknob.  The crisp white china and gold (Deerlite) flatware strike a stunning contrast to the stationery decked out in brown paper bag color cardstock against a heavily textured grey stock named Anvil from our friends at Envelopments®.  The Scabiosa bloom and ladybug are contrast painted with a thick white acrylic and then brushed with gold dots and accents!

Brandee from Metro Gypsy came on board to craft several signature pieces for each place setting and the centerpiece.

A palette of silver, rich grey, aqua and gold shone throughout the stationery collection.  Each piece had a unique personality in brushstroke, hue and paper choice.

An old truck at our farm became a lovely prop for many shots.  The table number’s gold, peach and grey palette stands stunningly against the patina of the trucks exterior.

Last but not least is the vintage 7-Up  cooler used as seating card display.  Brandee perched fallen tree branches around the unit and tucked each card amongst the brush.  The result was an eclectic mix of finishes and textures.

A huge thank you again to the team!  Daniel, Dorian and Brandee brought this vision to life with me and I am forever grateful!

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Dorian and Eloise of Central Park Flowers in Olyphant, PA consistently wow me with their artistry.  If I am planning a shoot in PA they are one of the first calls I make.  It is entirely refreshing to work with a fellow artists who just gets you.  A few simple words like “edgy, moody, pops of color” plus a simple sketch are all Dorian and Eloise needed to start creating.  My recent obsession with Scabiosa guided much of the floral and stationery directions as I love the textural yet graceful nature of the bloom.

I am sure you have noticed the sheer volume of wedding shoots being orchestrated recently and there has been some debate as to their approachable content for real brides.  I have taken this debate into serious consideration because let’s face it, who can or would want to afford a centerpiece that costs $500.00 or linens that run hundreds of dollars per table?  These tabletop shoots, at least for myself and the teams I work with are meant to be creative exercises with real inspiration value for our clients and readers, not outlandish overall fantastical concepts that translate difficultly into a real wedding scenario.  With that being said I had a chat with Dorian and he shared the real costs of the pieces designed for this shoot.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Bouquet:

Approx cost $100.00  due to a lot of Japanese imported flowers.  Can be more budget friendly when Scabiosa is in season domestically.

Blooms included are Succulents, Ranunculus (Japanese), Lisianthus, Scabiosa (Japanese) and Crisp Leaf.

The Centerpiece:

Approx cost $125.00 to $150.00  due to a lot of Japanese imported flowers.  Can be more budget friendly when Scabiosa is in season domestically.

Blooms included are Dutch White Hydrangea, Jasmine, White Lisianthus, Scabiosa (Japanese), Eucalyptus, Lotus Pods, Succulents, Fritillaria and Garden Snow Spray Roses.

Fiddlehead Fern:

Approx cost $50.00 per oversize stem but imagine the possibilities.  These creatures have such a lovely sculptural quality and really fill a table space well with just one!

Lotus Pods:

Approx cost $7.00 per stem


Approx cost $15.00 per stem but I love this bloom as I feel you get more wow for your dollar!  I can imagine a centerpiece consisting of a taller vase with just one Fritillaria bloom perched inside – beautiful!

A huge thank you to Dorain for sharing some information on the reality of our Alchemy at the Barn shoot and check back later this week for more on the stationery!

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Chrisinta D.

July 20, 2010

We are so excited to revisit this design – it is a favorite!

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Helen K.

July 20, 2010

This might just be the most romantic timeline we have ever done…it has such a soft and dreamy feel – love!

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