Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice


Well, the time is finally here.  After over a year of planning two celebrations to for our 10th anniversary renewal, the PA party invitations are finally on their way to guests.  Being a lover of all things paper, I took every opportunity possible to infuse hand painted, handmade paper goodness into this event.  From the hand painted letterpress save the dates, painted landscape Utah ceremony invites to now my beloved novel invites, no painted or paper detail was left overlooked. Jessica Claire wowed everyone last year with her cutaway, sewn and letterpressed book invitations.  She lovingly hand picked books for […]

It has been quite an eclectic time at the studio.  A lavish and meticulously painted letterpress invitation for Krystle was the centerpiece of last week’s schedule.  We labored over the juicy fuchsia strokes and light pink washes of color on each invitation.  There is something though, about getting lost in creating a lovely stroke.  The simple act of putting brush to paper, repeatedly, can be cathartic and rhythmic and just plain good for the soul. Jess and I wrapped up the pieces for#Eventology happening in Indy as we speak!  A contrast painted magnolia was Katasha’s choice and looked stunning against […]

Last year I was surprised with a tweet that let me know I would be receiving agift subscription to Flower Magazine.  I was thrilled, but not half as excited compared to the day I received my first copy.  Never before has I experienced a magazine solely dedicated to the beauty and artful quality of flowers from so many different perspectives.  The large glossy photos engaged my eye and immediately made want to sit and paint.  Over the years I have learned that for me a photo that inspires me to grab my palette is a good one to say the […]

Several weeks ago I thought it might be a good idea to have a site visit with our Renewal in PA photographer Kara Walsh of Dreamcatcher Photography.  The Cottage,  the location of our PA renewal celebration is a unique place and has so much to consider, so a pre-party visit seemed smart.  Kara was all for the idea and one crisp Sunday morning we met to scour the 100+ year old summer home.   Being that my latest obsession is tablescape styling, I considered the renewal celebrations as the perfect opportunity to flex my creative muscle and dive into a project […]

I wanted to take some time today to reintroduce you to a very amazing person who is more than my studio manager but also my friend (since grade school to be exact). From our days in Girls Scouts crafting cross-stitch to college summers staging elaborate painting vignettes, Jess (as I call her) has been part of my life for what seems like forever, she is family.  Jess loves the color green, is an artist in everything she does, has an infectious, silly laugh and makes our team whole.  I am sure you have seen many of our Custom Venue Illustration […]