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Working with true kindred spirits doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the results are magical.

I wrote this sentence yesterday and believed every word because it happened to me.  Last month I had the extreme joy of working with a group of artists I am proud to call friends and colleagues.  Jesse Ryan captured a collaboration between myself and Caroline of Paloma’s Nest and I am so grateful to have been introduced to his work.  Given about a week’s notice to come on board our little project, Jesse was ready and willing to get involved.  His enthusiasm floored me.  Opportunity presents itself in difficult ways too often but it is our enthusiasm and willingness to simply jump in and get involved, that creates amazing adventures.  You can see from his work, that Jesse believes in opportunity.  The opportunity to capture a hidden grin or a beam of sunshine trickling through the trees.  Jesse Ryan is all about being there, taking the opportunity and the enchanting moments that result.

Clean and clear, vibrant and spiritual is how I would describe his photographs.  He seems to capture his subjects’ heart and soul with the help of a sharp eye for perspective and composition.

Light and shadow also play a huge role in the drama of Jesse’s work. The shots above seem to paint a canvas of light.

Thank you Jesse for your incredible talent and kindness.   Your light-a-fire approach to life is obvious in each shot.  I cannot wait to see more.

“The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.”
–Dale Carnegie

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As promised I am back to share a look into my Ark of Inspiration.  These images surround me daily in some shape or form and add the sauce and spice to my life.  The simple, crisp look of Paloma’s Nest pieces are my much needed visual rest and these two are in my direct field of vision for at least 12 hours a day (hung or resting against my monitors).

My personal space is a different story.  Color is everywhere.  Rich, saturated vibrant color. Southwest textiles and artwork can be seen throughout my home meshed with vintage, baroque inspired furniture and wall treatments.  When I am home I feel energized and comfortable.  These surroundings feed my mind and satisfy my heart.

O’ Keeffe, Stripes, Peppers, Ocean Scene, Smelling Flowers, Shells, Degas Sketch, Pottery, Zion

I challenge you to ask yourself these questions.  What feeds my mind? What satisfies my heart? Write it down, build a bulletin board, paint your walls.  Whatever you do, make a move big or small.

“Even the wildest dreams have to start somewhere.  Allow yourself the time and space to let your mind wander and your imagination fly.”
– Oprah Winfrey

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Carolyn T.

March 30, 2010

The Kaleidoscope pattern here definitely adds personality and wow factor!

I combined shades of purple, icy lime green and muted silver.  I love how the white bloom really pops against the other richer colors.

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Lauren M.

March 30, 2010

Wow, you have a lot of options to consider.  I love the textured ivory border pictured in the bottommost photo.

This version is much softer and the introduction of paisley is lovely.


Oh my, oh my!  The heavily painted hydrangea really gives wow factor in this look!  I think I might be curious to see an understated hydrangea detail on the tag.  Thoughts?


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Marisa B.

March 29, 2010

Oh so fun!  I experimented with a variety of frame styles throughout the layout and added hand painted strokes in shimmery cobalt and green, too fun!  This artwork has tremendous versatility when it comes to day of accessories!

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Last week I had the honor to meet and interact with three amazing individuals.    Lara Casey, Nick Onken and Jeff Holt are the type of artists who listen, respond and inspire – the most powerful and impacting kind there is, in my opinion.  I spent a lovely six hours soaking up their wisdom and answering their questions out loud and inside my own head.  So many clients and peers ask me, “how do you stay inspired?”, “how do you come up with so many ideas?” and so on.  It wasn’t until last week in the small room with Lara, Nick and Jeff that I began to answer these questions.

Nick and Jeff spoke at length about surrounding themselves daily with images, sounds, sites and even smells meant to heighten, excite and sustain their creativity; creating a literal Ark of Inspiration out of their daily lives.  Lara asked the question of the room “how many of you can honestly say your personal space is a reflection of who you are?”  It was at this moment I realized how my ideas evolve and perhaps the very reason for the sheer volume of new concepts constantly swirling around in my brain.  I LIVE and breathe my inspiration daily. From surrounding myself with the dramatic, vibrant colors that excite me, to spending free time traveling near and far, I am living every moment as artfully as possible.

Bulletin boards from the office of Southern Weddings.  These ladies surround themselves daily with visual bits that get them fired up.  We’re honored that one of our invitations is included!

So how does this translate into wedding planning?  You are surrounded, no wait constantly inundated with a barrage of ideas, color palettes, DIY concepts and perfectly presented, highly styled weddings on a daily basis.  How do you take this wedding noise (albeit lovely) and translate it into an event that truly speaks of you?  How do you choose the elements to invest time in creating?  How do you bring it all together?  After 2 years of planning our renewal celebrations while being immersed professionally in the wedding industry I think I may have AN answer.  Consider building yourself an Ark of Inspiration.  In addition to sitting down with a mass of blogs on your screen and magazines at your side simply start surrounding yourself with what inspires you most.   Perhaps it is a favorite color or smell, perhaps music is a great love; so play it!  Create a bulletin board of clippings and swatches, flowers and baubles to be added to and changed daily if need be and hang the board where you work or think most.   I think you will find soon, how in tune you will be with your style, what truly excites you visually and will quickly be able to make more instinctive decisions.  No longer will you need to look as much outside yourself for inspiration.  Instead the inspiration will surround you and come from within.

Love this image.  It speaks volumes.

Check back tomorrow for a look at my Ark if Inspiration and thanks again to Lara, Jess and Nick for giving this concept a name!

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Every once and a while I meet with clients face to face.  It is a special joy for me since so many of our clients live here, there and everywhere!  I had the privilege to meet Jessica and her fiance recently and needless to say their wedding palette was heavily inspired by Tim Burton imagery.
We sat for over an hour, discussing paper options, color palettes and artwork details.  We decided on our Vintage Swirls pattern, which features a cool, spike-like swirl.

We plan to alter the main flower to resemble my Sculpted Bloom and add more spikey swirls throughout.  The border may also be the new checkered look from Envelopments.

Being entirely excited about my project with Jessica, I decided to gather a bit of my own inspiration.  Swirls and curly organic shapes seem to be the most evident element in Tim Burton imagery.  Strong, dramatic, moody color also plays a huge role.  Perhaps my favorite element below is the flowering succulent.  Part elegant, yet somehow slightly creepy this plant could make for some unexpected favors!

Tim Burton Couple, Fiddlehead Ferns, Fiddlehead Fern Bloom, Gown, Movie Scene, Tree, The Gate, Pods, CakeSucculent

Since planning with By Bloomers for the #RenewalinZion, I have become slightly obsessed with pods.  I love the crisp, woody shapes and texture.

A big thank you to Jessica.  I am thrilled you came to me to bring your vision to life!

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