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Greetings from the Philadelphia International Airport where I am about to board a plane (with Mom of course too) headed for Las Vegas.  This trip has been a long time coming as our renewal plans have been in the works since Christmas of 08.  It is hard ot believe the hubby and I are finally headed to Springdale, UT to finalize plans for our renewal celebration this coming May 15th!  There is tons to do, of course, and we are ready to go!  We just booked our photographer and of course now need to finalize the ceremony locale, celebration menu, flowers and a number of other tiny but important details.

The save the dates went out just before Christmas and we are thrilled to be hearing from family and friends nearly everyday who are hoping to make the trip with us.  If you would like to follow along with my adventures over the next 6 days search twitter using the hashtag #renewalinzion or just check in here for some posts from the road.

Zion here I come!

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Ana C.

January 29, 2010

Think this may be a happy medium!


To be more budget friendly I omitted the pattern border, made the invite smaller overall, which will help with mailing costs too!  3 rhinestones are still included and emerald green and gold hand painted details!


I created a new masquerade illustration featuring emerald green and gold tones.  Creamy ivory hand-painted details really pop against the champagne top layer.  I added rhinestones throughout and utilized a lovely gold paisley border to frame the lush artwork.


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Flowers are blooming like mad here at the studio.  From bold, graphic patterns to lush romantic bouquet style illustrations, we cannot get enough of this garden inspired subject matter!  Two projects in particular were the talk of the studio this week.  Kate’s Vintage Petal Pattern in shades of aqua, fuchsia and pale yellow were a blast to hand paint.  The graceful swoosh of each petal accented by lively yellow dots are just perfect to welcome Kate’s spring wedding.  Kate’s design really transformed from her original concept begun last summer, have a peek!

Melanie’s intricate, custom illustrated peony pattern is a long time coming to the production room and was highly anticipated by all.  Melanie first contacted me with a photo of her beloved china pattern, hoping to inspire her wedding stationery.  The result was a detailed watercolor painting, rich in color and filled with meticulous hand painted strokes on nearly every inch of the design.    Take a look here to see the progression of her design over the last few months.


So what am I up to?

Jess and I are creating hydrangea samples like crazy.  It seems to be the time of year to obsess over these lush, bountiful blossoms!  Lauren, Jenna and Laura all received hydrangea samples this week!


Packing for my trip to Utah with a stop first in Vegas tomorrow.  Excited to stay again at the luxurious Venetian.  I am positive a new Inspired Ink invitation design will be in the works upon my return, much like what I created after staying at The Encore Las Vegas.

Enjoyed chatting with Anne-Marie, editor of Perfect Bound this week.  We have an exciting project in the works along with the incredibly exciting photographer Daniel Lanton.  I cannot wait to share more soon! By the way, have you seen Daniel’s recent Yosemite National Park photographs?  You must take a moment to have a look, truly captivating shots!

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Rebecca chose from our Big Blooms Collection and asked specifically for a Pink Hydrangea to be hand painted for her wedding invitation design.
Her pieces were printed on a gorgeouslly textured linen stock that  showcased the shimmering pink hand painted strokes of color perfectly!

We asked Rebecca to share a bit with us about her wedding:

How did your stationery play a role in your wedding?
I have always loved paper products, the old fashioned appeal of a quality invitation and all the associated etiquette but when I started looking at invitations I found that my budget wouldn’t accommodate the stationery I dreamed about, so I decided to make my own. Then one day I stumbled across Momental and completely fell for the stunning designs. I feel that the invitation really sets the tone for the day and I wanted my guests to not only get a feel for what lay ahead, but to be really excited to receive such a beautiful piece of stationery and anticipate the rest of the wedding.

What was the inspiration for the colours/theme?
A lot of the style of the wedding evolved quite naturally… I wanted a really bright and colourful wedding and the Bridesmaids dresses were one of the first things I bought – making raspberry pink our natural colour choice. I have always loved hydrangeas, so the hydrangea stationery was a natural choice for me and that lead to it becoming something of a theme with white hydrangeas in our church flowers and bright pink and purple hydrangeas at the reception.

Guests reaction?
We received so many compliments on our invitation suite, both before the wedding and again on the day. One of the most pleasing things for me was that everyone said they could really see that it was MY wedding invitation – that my personality really shone through, and I’m delighted that Kristy’s attention to detail captured this!

Favourite Memory…
I never dreamed it would be this when I was getting caught up in the planning but my favourite part of the day without doubt was the ceremony itself. We had the choir sing a John Rutter piece ‘All things Bright and Beautiful’ just before my entrance and I was standing in the back of the church behind the doors through which I would make my entrance as they started singing. They sounded so beautiful and then the doors opened in front of me. I was terrified everyone would see me, but in fact they were so entranced by the choir that they didn’t even realise I was there. I was able to stand there with the church in all it’s glory in front of me, filled with all the people I loved most and just drink in the moment quietly before the time came for me to walk down the aisle and marry my husband. I will never forget that moment.

My photographers were a husband and wife team Kenny and Helen of Raw Photography (www.raw-photography.co.uk) and were brilliant.
Our florist was Becky Hay from Blossom (www.blossomflowers.co.uk) who was a dream to work with. Flowers were my other favourite part of planning and Becky created the most stunningly beautiful arrangements which took my breath away and really wowed our guests.

Rebecca was so excited and inspired by her own wedding planning she went on to begin the  blog, Rock My Wedding.  Rock My Wedding was recently named one of the Top 100 Wedding Blogs of 2010 by Bride Tide – congrats ladies!  Read a bit more here:

“I met Charlotte (my business partner) when we were planning our weddings, on the same UK wedding forum that I found Momental! We had a meeting of minds realising that we had used so many US sites for inspiration but were frustrated to not be able to use the suppliers (except in the case of Momental!) or really reproduce the styles we loved so much. Charlotte decided to start a UK wedding blog and shortly after Rock My Wedding was born, I got involved too. Now not only have we become great friends, but Rock My Wedding is growing more and more successful, sharing the chic and unique with Brides everywhere through real weddings, beauty inspiration, fashion, style ideas and any other pieces of pretty we might find!”

Thanks so much Rebecca for being an amazing client and for sharing your experience!
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Tammy W.

January 27, 2010

Your cat in the tree and sweet little pup is so cute and the touch of shimmer in the middle border is just what the look needs!


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In honor of my quick stop in Vegas this week I thought sharing this fun design created just after my trip to Vegas last October.

After spending several days at The Encore, Las Vegas last October, it was difficult not to come home with a head full of inspirations and ideas. I spent one afternoon slowly walking around the casino, sketching and snapping pictures. What is most striking is the manner in which the design evolves as you experience the space. Check in is alive with massive red flowers and natural light, while the casino space is darker and dramatic with its heavy light cast by red shaded chandeliers. Intense color everywhere was balanced by opulent golds.


Most inspired by the massive blooms at check-in, I envisioned an invitation just laden with rich red blossoms. The gate-fold design opens to reveal a layout featuring strong strokes of shimmering red inks and gold painted stems. A stunning gold paisley cardstock adds to the opulent feel overall.



The red poppies here are completely hand painted with rich, juicy red, raspberry and gold  shimmer inks.  Perhaps what is most unexpected about this design is the level of sophistication that can be achieved regardless of bold, bright color.  The mindset has changed and this colorist is thankful.  No longer is elegance only equated with stark white or ivory palettes – thank heavens :)

Among the several kinds of beauty the eye takes most delight in colors. ~ Joseph Addison

Are you using color freely in planning?

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Elizabeth D.

January 27, 2010

The drama of color here really works well and we are so excited about the new illustration.  The sun peeking from behind the live oak is just perfect!


I experimented with a tree illustration inside a round sun-like shape to reference the sun locket.  The tiny illustration on the presentation wrap is quite similar to the original locket but I am not sure it is necessary since the reference is made with the main invitation illustration.  Thoughts?


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