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momental_designs1037You can imagine my surprise when I received an email from one of my favorite bloggers,  Christy of Junebug Weddings last week! I created a hand-painted wedding invitation for the readers of Weddingbee PRO inspired by one of Christy’s Fashion Reports.  Well,  she loved my creation and today shared it with her readers. Thanks so much Christy!


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Kristin R.

August 29, 2009

I am loving the contrast created in this latest sample.  Soft shimmering peach cardstock and ribbon combine beautifully with the pattern and solid chocolate shimmering details.  The brighter hand-painted strokes of color in your bouquet illustration keep the look from appearing to washed out.


Not to be cheesy, but ooh la la!  I experimented with a peachy vintage garden inspired cardstock for the outer border!


Thought I would experiment with 2 other wrap concepts.  I do love the soft creamy version on the right!


I created two versions, one with a shimmering brown border and one with sage.  Hand-painted details are in soft gold throughout!  I thought the boat was fun – you?


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Maria G.

August 29, 2009

Subtle differences here make a big impact.  I love the lacy pattern in each corner of the invitation.  I created 2 versions of the table number complete with rhinestone detailing and a simple seating card.


I combined shades of gold, burnt orange and soft green to create a warm, shimmering invitation look.  I just love the round mini-buckle and how it subtly gathers the satin ribbon!


I created a quick inspiration board utilizing your photos in addition to several details from our rhinestone embellished invites.   I can envision a buckle design bordered with shades of copper and soft gold cardstock.  The buckle metal is even available in gold – this could be stunning!

momental_designs437 Celebration photos via Project Wedding

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August 28, 2009

Oh I love the brighter color palette!  The fuchsia cardstock photographed a bit more red but rest assured it is a true bright pink/fuchsia!


I experimented with three differing artwork options; the pink dogwood, lacy pattern and lacy flower.  Honestly, they all work well together!  The favor box is a shimmery white and sized large enough for a variety of items!



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Artful Admiration  will be a new post on the RiceInk blog.  As an artist who has been painting nearly every day for the last  20 years I have inevitably developed a list of  artists who I admire.  Georgia O’Keefe, for me, is the quintessential artist.  As a young painter myself I recall pouring over  100 Flowers,  marveling at each juicy floral.   In college O’ Keeffe’s Light Iris and many others graced my dorm room walls.

What I admire most about O’Keeffe is her interpretations of subject matter.  To put it quite simply, she painted the flower as it made her feel.  Through examination of brush stroke, color and texture O’Keeffe brought each bloom to life while infusing her personality and perspective.

Now please note, I do not presume to compare my watercolor invitations to an O’Keeffe painting, really.  I do however approach my subjects for painting in a similar fashion.  When I set out to paint a bloom or landscape or whatever it may be, I find something that excites me.   Instead of reproducing the exact reality that I see, I instead infuse my vision into the painting.  More intense color, small dots or flourishes here and there, an exaggeration of shadow all capture a sense of excitement and life that I see in the subject matter I paint.

What artist do you admire?

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As I browse the completed photos from the last week  I was surprised to a reoccurring muted palette.  I am a fan of color and tend to infuse some intense shades into every piece I create – or so I thought!  I must admit my new (and apparent) fondness of the classic fall wedding colors is obvious from the varied use of gold, brown, champagne and ivory.  From left to right, Marianne’s brown paisley gatefold featuring a shades of pink Vintage Lace Tree, Jennifer’s hand-brawn frame illustration with hand-painted details in gold and burgundy and Andrea’s simple but chic letterpress with hand-painted  dots and swirls.



Loving Angela’s  palette of black, champagne, ivory and a touch of coral (so thrilled to see coral making a comback).

momental_designs887Carolyn’s illustrated frame invitation x 600 last week was quite a feat to accomplish.  The sheer gold hand-painted swirls took hours, literally,  to complete but so worth the effort.  There is something so magical about a gracefully painted swirl!

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August 24, 2009

A selection of the various designs including a snowflake.  I can create a new illustration if desired for a more realistic look.


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